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Saturday, January 14, 2012

But What If?...

But, What If?

We’re used to life as we know it, but…

What if we were all created equal?
What if we didn't have to fear sickness?
What if we were immortal?
What if we were perfect? No flaws...
What if we knew when we would die, determined by our gender?
What if our lives were all planned out, with nothing spontaneous to look forward to?
What if the word “discrimination” really meant “love"?
What if racism wasn't taboo?
What if Germany had won the war?
What if slavery hadn't been abolished?
What if love had a monetary value?
What if marriage was a sin?
What if sinning was an acceptable behavior?
What if we didn't have morals or core values?
What if we were just here to reproduce?
What if happiness was a given for all of us?
What if poverty didn't exist?
What if there was no God?
What if human rights advocates didn't exist?
What if your dreams were realities?
What if you didn't dream of more and better?
What if the lives we live weren’t the ones we chose?
What if we could turn back the hands of time and alter our stories?

Why let our lives be haunted by the "what ifs"? Every day, we torment ourselves with what we should have done, could have changed and dealt with differently... My new commitment in life is to count my blessings, take everyday as a lesson to be learned, look forward to tomorrow, and appreciate my moment.


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