Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The grass is not always greener...

When I read the story below and saw the video, sadness didn't even come close to describing  what I was feeling. I shared the link on my Facebook and now 4 days later I'm still thinking about it...however my train of thoughts are all over the place!
"  I cried because I had no shoes, until I met someone who had no feet" -Persian Proverb-
We spend our life being unappreciative of our circumstances, complaining about what we have or don't have, looking at what others have and thinking why do we always get the short end of the stick... But is that really so... Is complaining a way to motivate ourselves (weird) or is it just a cop out (most likely)?
How many time have I complain about my husband not washing the dishes the way I want it to be done? about no picking up his clothes and putting them away? about treating my kids like responsible little adults and not babies (chuckles I'm admitting I'm sometime out of order)... 
This story helps me put things in perspective because everyday, right or wrong,I have something to complain about and while I do appreciate the fact that I have someone who everyday listens to my positiveness or negativity, that I have my health, beautiful children, I'm able to walk, run, drag myself to work 5 days of the week; I still find the way to finding something wrong... 
At first, like many I'll guess, my thoughts about this story were how beautiful, how loving this man was/is, my heart was aching for him as I knew that he knew the little time they had left to be together, sad because they will never know how it is to grow old together, sad because she had finally married "her man" but only for how long, looking at the video I only saw happiness in everyone 's face and I thought this was the most beautiful, heart wrenching story I've heard about in a while.
Than days went by and I was still affected by the story but on a different angle. I started to think how sad they wasted so long to get married, better yet did he marry her because he knew she was dying. How cynical of me to think maybe he was just doing his good deed... Where is my compassion for him, for her and her last days with him as his wife? Why wanting to  know more, build my own version of things and not just taking things for what they are... I like to think it's my aching for her, how unfair her life had to end so fast, so young. That made me question and want to put blame on someone as if there was something that needed justice.
This story made me realize how important it is to enjoy life to the max, not waste anytime waiting for "special moments", "special person", "special occasions", "special life" but to the contrary take time creating all of those "specials" for your life. Stop complaining on how life has done you wrong when you don't get your way. Learn to appreciate the little you got or thing you got. Take your life in your hand and create your happiness, don't wait last minute to celebrate what you have, don't waste away the happy moments you could have now by waiting on what you think would be better moments.  The grass is truly not always greener on the other side of the fence...
Remember giving love feels just as good as receiving it...

NFL Star Loses His Wife to Cancer One Month After Marriage

THURSDAY DEC 29, 2011 – BY 
After being married to his wife Keasha Ruteleage-Draft for one month former NFL star, Chris Draft was stricken with the news that his wife succumbed to her battle with cancer. Chris who is an 11 year NFL veteran married Keisha Rutelage in a reception on November 27th, she passed on December 27th.
During their wedding Keasha wheeled her way down the aisle in a wheel chair, taking the last few steps to say her “I do’s” and salute her husband. Friends are asking that we send prayers to the family. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Draft.
Below is footage from their wedding day.

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