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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Standing on my own 2 feet...

Is it Worth it?

This is the closest I've came to working towards what I view as one of my most endearing and personal dream. So I feel like I’m taking baby steps toward a calling…
It’s been 2 weeks now that I’ve decided to write and share my thoughts on events personal to my life or life happenings that just raised questions in me.
I’m realizing that although I don’t have a time frame, a deadline in accomplishing my writing ambition, I do need to show myself commitment to my writing and this blog -or maybe I should call this project  "My Public Journal"- is a mean to an end.

I was asked if this “is worth” the time and energy I’m investing in this project, if I’m truly taking the step toward achieving my goal to be one day published or just entertaining what is and will stay a dream…

We all have in us this little dream –if not several- that in the mists of your day to day life seems out of reach, vision that we leave to linger behind everything, buried deep under our priority list but that we can’t keep quiet. With time the yearning to accomplish, to make reality becomes stronger and you just can’t escape the longing…
Wanting to succeed in your personal life and not settle
Wanting to succeed professionally and set an example
Wanting to achieve milestones and raise your own expectations
Wanting to exceed personal goal and not give up
Wanting to achieve those little dreams that means big to you and build your legacy...

At time I feel like an American Idol contestant whom decided to follow his dream of becoming “The Singer” with all his with friends in tow who don’t have the courage to tell him he can’t sing or maybe they also don’t have an “ear”…

 Either way I’m standing on my own 2 feet because this is my dream but...

There is always that little voice that makes you wonder and second guess yourself, little doubts that pushes you for a "better" answer, and optimum outcome.
There is always that little part of us that needs peers reassurance, approval, advice, opinion and mostly encouragement... Even if we are strong willed and determined because we are aware of our goals and objectives and what will fulfill us. Needing support even if assured that what we stand on and for is the foundation of a well purpose life and adamant that the baggage we carry along hold most of the answers we need in life...

Love always...

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for another wonderful blog, Rose! I was looking forward to seeing one this week because you spoiled me with frequent blogs in the past few weeks! & more importantly, I love the direction your posts have taken. You continually remind me that I am very lucky to have you as a friend!

    It’s so dam scary to come to reality with our achievements. I sometime brush off topics like this one & literally go looking for that “little voice” inside my head to help me find something else to think about. That little voice inside our head- (LOL- I hate it) we all do have it: it’s our conscience, it provides encouragement & words of warning. I like to say that my voice is quite the chatter: always going on & on about everything, over thinking, & second- guessing everything….LOL & now you know why I have “Anxiety”.

    Not everyone share stories in a public forum because it can be scary. I know for me to voice my opinion in a public place where I am honest with others & myself is scary (hell yaaa it is). So many people use gigantic year planner to do this in privacy. I have always used a mind planner. It’s simple for me; its one single page mind planner that gives me a view of my goals in one glance that I can review whether I am on track or not within a few minutes. But again, it is my way of keeping it private. I keep my intentions and plans private, but it is who I am. I feel that I If you do tell, I have to make sure not to say it as a satisfaction (you know what I mean-this is so sticky for me). It's important for me to think back about my performance over the last year because it helps me set my personal goals for next year. So thank you for helping me today to take some time to revisit my achievements and glance ahead.

    It’s true, when you have solid support and or network, you feel like you have a place where you belong & where you feel safe telling your troubles & woes. It’s a place where you can get support & encouragement & successes get celebrated with friends. I support your blog & really want to hear what you have to say…. & you know I will honor you, not shame you, when you share you stories with me.



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