Sunday, January 15, 2012

What do you suggest?...

All right, not that I needed something to help my insomniac tendency but I decided to get back on the "nourishing my brain" wagon and start reading again. See where I'm going with this?...Full circle with the writing thing :)

Now I'm not saying that for the good of reading and betterment of me I'll give up on some of my favorite downtime activities like watching... The Young and The Restless (yes I admit for the past twenty years I only missed a few episodes), junk reality TV (Jersey Shore exempt, no point intended), HGTV shows and of course definitely not giving up on my cuddle nights with my daughter watching marathon episodes of Law and Order SVU... What I'm saying is my cable box/DVR is about to go the extra mile and earn the prime real estate on my armoire!

One of my staff was sooo excited about a book he  was reading; he took his break, turn the lunch area into a library and made sure he finished the book within the hour so he could hand it in synchronization of recommending it. So finally I'm about to start reading "These Things Hidden" by Heather Gudenkauf and put my faith in Gare's hands hoping it's going to be a great read.
Anyhow, this is where you all come in to play, I'm reaching out to any and all of you in recommending the best recent book you've read, heard about and want to read along with a small synopsis as I'm going to have to prioritize what I expect will be beaucoup selections from you guys.

Let me throw a little curve ball as I have a few criteria...

  1. It has to be a recent publications, I have most of the classics. Reasonably within the last 4 years?!
  2. It can't be series.
  3. NO vampire books... Again No point intended!
  4. Obviously, French or English it doesn't matter... I got it like that ;)
  5. Non Fiction or Fiction... no discrimination there..
  6. Don't recommend from Oprah Book Club List... I already have it
  7. And please , please leave Tolstoy -which is a classic anyway- or anything of the caliber of his book War and Peace (1225 pages!!!!) out of this! my plan is to read many good books and not  grow old while trying to finish one. I wanted to play smart 2 years ago and took on my friend who was reading the book for the 2nd time, and I'm still at page 265 and the book has an inch of dust build up on top of it... maybe one day but not today...or this lifetime...Sorry!
I did say just a few prerequisites/criteria right? LOL..

This focus new person I'm creating is stepping onto my old plan of discovering narcolepsy, in  small dose of course. I guess someone out there is watching out  and being selective on my "wishes"...
Seriously, thank you in advance for helping me find good reads!

PS: Who have you told you love them today?

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