Friday, February 24, 2012

Religion VS Jesus or is it one of the same...

When I wrote my post about "FAITH", one of the comments I got was:
"God is all about relationship, while (I think) people are looking for religion"-Anonymous

I agree wholeheartedly with that deduction as I think we like to put everything within a box, defined and labeled to give it weight and purpose. I do believe religion and all institutions involve are man centered and Jesus is God centered.

“Religion is man searching for God; Christianity is God searching for man”

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

After watching this video I'm sure you all have plenty going through your mind either because you agree, disagree or simply are more confused from where you started.

I would love to read your take on Jefferson Bethke's point of view on religion and moreover I would love to read your personal thoughts on religion.


  1. I love this piece! I agree with the content of this post! Good stuff! Jesus hates religion and came to save the lost and broken. The church is like a hospital, we are all messed up in our own way! But he came to accept us just the way we are, loved us unconditional, look beyond all are faults and see our needs. The thing is that if we pretend and act like we have it all together, acting like we have it all figure out and we are more saved than anyone else, there is nothing Jesus can do for us. he is a genle man and will not force himself anyone, which is why he gave us free will, so we can love him freely, choose HIM freely! We have to be real, let him know we are messed up, not perfect, don't have it all together but we love want and need him! i mean he alredy know this! but i think he like to hear it from us.... Then he will come in and help us despite our faults. I'm a hot MESS!!! ( as we all know) but I sure do love me some JESUS!! I wish to learn from my mistakes and desire to be a better over all person! Omg!!.... I just love this blog! Ok I'm gonna shut up now! Thanks Rose! My day just started with some good self reflection! :)

    1. Thank you Tricia for you comment, I always find this subject interesting as At time I question myself.... Just a lot to think about and always interesting to get different perceptions.

  2. Method v. Madness. Following Jesus Christ is very methodical, even with all the "rules, beatitude's, and commandments" in tow. It's a burden to bear to be a "follower of Christ" to depend on Religion, alone, with all of it's various translations, morals and sometimes, moreover the leadership will lead the ignorant (not learned) into madness just trying to find Christ.
    Just my take. Great piece btw;)

  3. Interesting piece. Made me think. I look at religion as a "guide" for us to find Jesus. Jesus can (and should) be in you- I think that the young man puts to much responsibility on Religion (and the church for that matter) to be perfect. Religion is interpreted and taught by man. We were all taught that man is not perfect. The Bible says "Beware of false prophets". Sometimes those "prophets" are men that mean well but have a incorrect interpretation of the Bible. They spread their version of God's teaching and get many followers. You cannot follow words of God that are "translated" by a human blindly. Remember, we all were given a sense of right and wrong. It is kind of like following a instructions given to you by a GPS; They usually get you close to your destination, But "arrival" is all on YOU!- Conrad


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