Friday, March 16, 2012

Count Your Blessings and Be Thankful...


Living, being, embodying and carrying out the attitude of gratitude.

A life of gratitude is the life we all should strive to live. Other than God, who gave us all the tools for a rewarding and satisfied life, we are the masters of our journey and are ultimately responsible for the results of our actions. While our journey or actions may not have the outcome or meet the expectations we set, we should be thankful for the opportunity and the ability to pursue our best.
Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, what we are missing is the ability to show gratitude for ALL that we have.

So many people complain that they have nothing to be thankful for. They think that they have nothing for which to be grateful, and as a result, feel that they are cursed, as they can’t see anything good and positive in their lives. If you are one of these people, you have yet to understand the fact that you are a mere entity in this gift called earth, hence reason to be thankful.

 "Sister, there are people all over the world who went to sleep last night, rich and poor, black and white. They will never wake again. Their beds have become their cooling boards. Their blankets have become their winding sheets. And they'd give anything for just five minutes for what they were just complaining about."
~Maya Angelou

When you are in an attitude of thankfulness, life is brighter and you view it in a positive way. Today as I am surrounded with space, opportunity and time to meditate, I think of all the simple pleasures I’m granted (even while sick and miserable) and I’m thankful.


10 simple pleasures we take for granted which we should be thankful for:

1. Opening your eyes to a new day!
I’m thankful that I get to open my eyes everyday! My husband reminded me of this silly thing I use to do; every morning I would wake up and while he would still be fast asleep next to me, I would jump on the bed, shake him up and start singing “Good morning, good morning….it’s beautiful day and the sun is shining…” I would keep making up parts, adding lines to the song and tune it out with my “beautiful” voice until he finally poked his head out of the cover. He looked at me like I had just lost my everlasting mind, yet my beautiful day had started. Every day we get to open our eyes to the life we closed on the previous night is a day to be thankful for and celebrate.

2. Family
I’m thankful for family! A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of family and extended family family I've built with my husband and our children wouldn't be as it is if it wasn’t for the loving support of our family and close friends. I’m thankful for family as I have a sense of belonging.

3. Your partner/significant other…Love
I’m thankful for my husband! My friend, my biggest fan, my rock, my love…my husband whose vision means love, whose spoken words to me are laced with love, whose upset or kind gaze means love and to whom the word “hate” is never associated with me. I’m thankful for the man he has grown to be and the dedication he has shown us. I’m thankful for the great, loving, nurturing father he is. I’m thankful for him keeping me in his corner, even when I have an attitude of defeat. I’m thankful I was allowed to fall in love and remain in love with him. and  

4. Your children
I’m thankful for my children! I’m thankful that I was given the gift of motherhood and the ability to see and appreciate the gift, as others may not have that chance. Thankful for the blessing of seeing them grow, laugh, cry in my arm, run for my embrace and search for my comfort. I’m thankful for their presence, which challenges me every day to be a better person. For them I want to walk the talk, for them I want to be better, for them I never want to give up, and for them I want to be the best I was meant to be.

5. Friends and strangers
Everyone in my life is here for a purpose; realizing the importance of that purpose or reason enlightens my life and gives the relationship true meaning. Friends/strangers or strangers/friends who may walk in or through my life that one day and be gone or set anchor, give me the answer, the inspiration I needed. I’m thankful for the life lessons I learn and the knowledge shared with those that cross my path, including teachers, grocery store clerks, restaurant servers, bus drivers, etc.

6. Nature
Sun up, sun down, rain, the 4 seasons, birds chirping, flowers, green grass, stars in the sky, the sound of waves crashing, squirrels running around, even the deer in my background…

7. Provider
I’m thankful for being able to provide! We have a roof over our head. The hubby and I work hard to provide our family with comfort and space, food in our belly, water, and clothes on our back. I’m thankful for the ability to pay my bills…

8. Yourself
I’m thankful for my life story! I’m thankful for my memories, my childhood and my experiences; all that has shaped me, my peace of mind and my ability to forgive others and myself. I’m thankful for the aptitude of finding my life’s purpose through trials and tribulations.

9. Growing old
I’m thankful for having that privilege! More and more, I realize not everyone gets the opportunity, but also when they do it is not always with health and grace, which is a gift in itself.

10. God
I’m thankful to God having my back, answering my prayers when I cry his name, and allowing me to be in his grace! I’m thankful for the love/gift that cannot be explained but that leaves me humbled and a servant.

Gratitude brings to my life a change of perception and a different outlook of my present time. I’ve decided to be thankful for all the basic gifts that make me and surround me. I refuse to dwell on what I think should have become, or what people think I should be focused on. What matters is the “NOW” and how beautiful life is, without comparison.

You probably have heard of this exercise and if you have, great but if not, I challenge you to start.
                           KEEP A GRATITUDE JOURNAL
Challenge yourself and everyday write at least 3 new things you are grateful for it will start being very easy but the more you go on, it will open your mind to deeper reasons. It will bring awareness to all the good you receive and give out and you will be able to not be repetitive with your list.

 ~What are the things you are being thankful and grateful for? ~

“I’m grateful for all the blessings, I’m humbled by all the opportunities, I’m appreciative for all the experiences and I’m cognizant of to whom I owe it all”
~Rose Sanderson
      Thankfully blessed

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