Thursday, April 5, 2012


I sometimes feel misunderstood, even though I know that I say what and how I feel, when and where I see fit. So how do you expect others to hear and understand you, if all you do is “think” your message is clear?

“My tearless cries drowned my pillow
My blindness kept me from staring
My muted screams didn't shout loud enough
My emotionless pain welcomed the abuse
My absent presence wasn't noticed
My voiceless opinion wasn't heard
My heart kept me from loving
My life kept me from living
My projection kept my confidence hiding”
~Rose Sanderson

I remember being young, naive and wanting to fit in and be accepted. At the same time, I never was a follower. To the contrary, I had a group of friends that loved to be around me because of the kind, “fun seeking” person I was. And I relied on those friends just as much they relied on me. My personality flourished as I sailed through life, through experiences. I was guided through the years by the certainty that I was somebody; that I was destined to become somebody, so I acted like that “somebody” that was special, and had value. I learned that the acceptance of others was not more important than the fear of not reaching my true potential. The fear of becoming a failure always pushed me away from giving up. The fear of failure always motivated me to work harder. The fear of becoming a disappointment to me, or to those around me, opened up a sometimes-blind trust to others. There was the possible influence of my peers and society’s brain washing, but my love for myself and the fact that I knew I was “somebody” (even though I hadn’t meet that “somebody” yet), coupled with the knowledge and the belief, prevented all my fears from taking over and overshadowing the “me” I was meant to be.

Fear is a healthy feeling, as it is meant to push you beyond your well-kept-up potential and open you up to a new horizon…
Fear is damaging, however, if it oppresses you, represses you and dominates you…

Conquer your fears and feel liberated! Stop checking yourself out and be your own hero!

Be the superhero in your life that will liberate you, that will free and manage your emotions, that will give you a voice, and that will give strength to your heart. Be the superhero that will open your eyes to the world, that will make you relevant and that will let you love and let love in…


Remember that you are somebody!

First and foremost, you are your own treasure. Doubt will be cast on you but listen to that small, still voice that chants every day “you are somebody”. From the time you were created, you were the dream becoming reality of your parents (or the ones who took the parental role in your life). From the very moment you were born, you were the apple of someone’s eye. From the time you were able to make adult decisions to now, remember, your life in itself, is an accomplishment…you are UNIQUE. 
And you? Do you make sure you voice is heard ? Are you comfortable with the person you are? 
Make sure you believe that you are relevant, love yourself and your uniqueness...

Love always...


  1. absolutely composer of realist thought!!

  2. Absolutely composer of realist thought!!

  3. Great blog. Very inspirational!

  4. Devendra and Sugar Ray, thank you so much for stopping by and finding that my message is meaningful and inspiring.


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