Saturday, April 7, 2012

My little princess’ own bedazzled stiletto…

                  Once Upon a Time... The 21st Century Fairy Tale...

I went to a baby shower this weekend, and while the parents-to-be were opening their presents ( we were all “oohing and aaahing” and loving the cute little pink dresses, frilly skirts and cutesy outfits), I couldn’t help but to think of when it had been me expecting, with impatience, the birth of my little princess… I can’t help but wonder if they are experiencing the same butterfly sensations, worries, foresight and precautions I used to have, even before she saw the light of day…

                                  Sprinkle of Gold Fairy Dust...                                    
It’s amazing how different the dynamic is, bringing a baby girl into the world, from that of having a boy.
“Whimsical” is the keyword for everything that surrounds your child.
“Precious” is the keyword for everything that belongs to your child.
“Beautiful” is the keyword to describe her.
I dreamt of lullabies to sing to her while rocking her in my arms and remember all the fairy tales that could describe her life to come…

The birth of my princess renewed my belief in fairy tales and “happily ever after”….

"Fairy tales were not my escape from reality as a child; rather, they were my reality -- for mine was a world in which good and evil were not abstract concepts, and like fairy-tale heroines, no magic would save me unless I had the wit and heart and courage to use it wisely."  
~Terri Windling~

Why not let today’s little girls, our own 21st century little princesses, believe in the prince charming (gentlemen)? Why not reassure them that he is out there and will come for her, holding "the" glass bedazzled stiletto made just for her, and will sweep her off her feet in his white stretched limousine, headed toward their “happily ever after”?

We are so worried about teaching our girls to be independent; not to rely on or trust in anyone but themselves that instead of someone casting a spell on them which would keep them being single forever, we teach them how to build the cage that imprisons their own heart, as soon as we can crush the myths and fairy tale stories. While coaching and educating our princesses on today’s world possibilities, equality and their limitless capabilities, let’s also teach them the reality of their self-worth and how deserving they are of a prince charming. One who will pursue them and want to take care of them. Let’s elevate their standards by teaching them not to settle for anything but the best.

So that day, looking at my beautiful friend expecting her first baby girl, reminded me of all the fairy tales that as an adult helped me created and fight for my own happily ever after. I created and believed in them, not only for myself, but mostly for my princess, as she deserves nothing short of a fairy tale life from beginning to ever after...

Take a sprinkling of fairy dust, 
An angel's single feather,
Also a dash of love and care,
Then mix them both together.  
Add a sentiment or two,
A thoughtful wish or line,
A touch of stardust, a sunshine ray...
It's a recipe, for a Baby Girl truly fine.
Author Unknown 

Dedicated to my Princess Jazzmine... Might all your wishes come true.   Bibbity Bobbity Boo!  



  1. *tear*.....that was so special!

  2. I really love this! This is piece makes me emotional....

  3. Rosiiiieeee! You know I can relate to this one!
    "She's stubborn, messy, a brat at times,loud and silly, but in my eyes she is the definition of perfection and beauty...she is my daughter."
    Author: Unknown

  4. I don't have children but this specific post really touched me! I'm a 24 year old man but this writing is spectacular and I love your viewpoint of women raising their daughters to be strictly independent. I fully and wholeheartedly believe that if we weren't all raised to be so independent and guard our hearts there would be so much more love in this world. Kudos to you, once again touched my heart and soul. Keep up the amazing work.

  5. I didn't think I would relate to this post as much as I would knowing what it was about. This here is the truth and nothing else! I love your words and the thoughts you spilled on this specific blog. I'm a 24 year old man who can relate to this, that is how I know you are an amazing writer. Your viewpoint on girls, women and in my case everyone else being raised to have independence and guarded hearts really struck me. I think we all would be a little happier and surrounded by love if there were more people who saw the world like you did. Great job RosieSanz!


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