Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrating Our Miracles... Our children

Without you, there wouldn’t be us…

“While in my womb, I made promises to you and about you to the world.
Now that you are here, I’m carrying out my word to you by protecting and loving you. And to the world, I’m providing and educating you so that you can take it over…”-Rose Sanderson

The other day I started thinking about Mother’s Day. I noticed how the significance of it has taken a more profound meaning, since joining the mother’s clan. I remember wishing my mother and all the ones around me, a “Happy Mother’s Day” but not thinking of the true reason for this celebration. Since I gave birth to my first child (12 years ago) and entered this journey called motherhood, I do understand why we have to be celebrated and given a day to be shown appreciation. This is an enormous commitment we’ve taken on, but this wouldn’t be possible without them; without our children.

Soon, I will be distinguished honourably for bringing you both in this world; an honour you brought to my life. It’s an accreditation that I so proudly embody, as it give me great purpose. But even though I do agree that I (along with all mothers) deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged for the important role I serve within your lives, it is in no way a stretch for me to say that I would not be in the centre of this wonderful celebration if it wasn’t because of you, my beautiful children…and for you..

To be a mother (and the act of “mother-ing”) is a gift which at times can be extremely challenging. Sometimes, it can be considered as a job more than a pleasure, but the love for my kids or of being their mom comes through and always prevails, despite the challenges and dark moments.
My children are the ones who are teaching me how to be a mother and are making my experience inspirational and beautiful, rather than unpleasant and unrewarding.

Because of them I learn to see a new world
Because of them I learn to teach
Because of them I learn to “bend”
Because of them I learn to be patience
Because of them I learn the true meaning of commitment
Because of them I learn about unconditional bond
Because of them I discover pure and genuine love
Because of them I accepted “selfishness” to be a forgotten luxury
Because of them I discover that I have more than “3 chances to give”
And for them… I learn to reinvent myself so that I can be an example

Jay and Jazz, my babies, have enhanced and enriched my life with their bright personalities, fun traits, charisma and their endless love that sometimes overwhelms me. My babies are the beings that brought changes in me which I see every day looking into the mirror; pounds in undesirable places, boobs that are fighting gravity, a stomach which looks for it’s 6 pack, scars after a C-section, hair thinning out and the dark circle under my eyes… GRATEFUL? (smile)
My babies are the little miracles I bore into this world, which in turn makes me a miracle, as they chose me to be the vessel; the body to produce them.
My babies, whom without… my life wouldn’t be worth living and loving, as they have thought me what it is to love unselfishly and completely.
My babies, for whom I do and I keep going, without looking back, with no regret and with an open mind welcoming uncertainty.
My babies, who regardless of my complaints, tirades, bitchiness, bad moods and short-comings, make me feel like I do the best job ever.
My babies who have transformed me and brought out strength in me that I didn’t know I had.
My children who, even if at times I feel like drowning myself in a bottle of vodka, make me feel to the very core of me, that I am an amazing mother and that mothering is the most amazing, rewarding, beautiful, gratifying and miraculous thing to embark on.

Our life together (so far) has been wonderful, while at times complicated and daunting. It has been the most rewarding, life altering commitment I’ve taken upon so…
Thank you for enhancing my life in ways no other being or no other accomplishment could.
Thank you for bringing joy to my life, purpose to my days.
Thank you for the gifts that you are in my life

I celebrate you because without you there obviously be no me…
I couldn’t rightfully be celebrated without celebrating you first… My miracles…

My miracles...
A few weeks ago, I asked friends of mine on Facebook to describe what parenthood had brought into their lives and here are a few responses that I wanted to share with you all…

“Parenthood makes me realise that unconditional love in its purity and sincerity is at your fingertips every single day . It still brings a lump to this big man's throat when my child wakes up and is happy to see me and confirms this with a hug, a smile and a very looooooong daddy exclamation!”
Ron Capriles

“It brought joy and a sense of responsibility”
Mukeba kabeya

It made me realize what matters and where my priority lies...somehow, I stopped sweating the small stuff”
Teddy Atangana

“Alors toute jeune Maman en plein apprentissage dirait : Amour inconditionnel, Bonheur, joie ultime, don de soi, sens des priorités qui changent, responsabilité, sagesse, patience, inquiétude, partage et Amour Amour Amour!”
Alexia Caly

“Motherhood definitely changed everything for me; I’ve definitely found that motherhood has helped me to be a better person and a motivator to be a good role model. But what motherhood has done is to help me understand what a wonderful feeling it is to live with “meaning”. I will add that every mother (parent) loves their child so much or even too much and they will do everything in their power to protect their child. Motherhood may be tough but it is very “rewarding””
Lou Barbosa-Santos

“Happiness, responsibility, you find that joy to be priceless...better person!!!!”
Maria coronel

“Besides the joy my kids bring me on a daily basis, I have more worries. Would not trade it for anything though.”
Melly N-k

“The constant state of worries in the back of my head. If the kids will grow up healthy and happy. I never cared so much about anything else.”
Anja Rodig

“Patience and responsibility. And the realization that my grandparents weren't wrong about too many things.”
Conrad Bernard James

“Made a selfish man (selflessly) put HIMSELF last… w/one word Dad.”
San Sanderson

And you? What did parenthood brought to your life? The good, the bad, the sad, the troubles, the challenges, the happiness, the milestones, the triumphs, the joy… Share the first thought, story that comes in your mind when thinking of your child/children…
        Love always,


  1. Beautiful and so true. There wouldn't be a mother's day without the kids.

  2. I was never one of those girls who wanted to be a mother. I actually jumped into motherhood just because it was what I thought everybody had to do after they get married. It took me a few years to actually decide to make the jump and my “butterfly” arrived in my life almost 10 years ago!
    She instantly changed and filled my life. From bottles, diapers, toys all over the floor, first smiles, first words, first fall, and first day at school, first FCAT…every step has been an enriching experience. I actually quickly realize through the different steps that love more every day. I love her for who she becomes every day.
    As a parent, I have learned that the affection I feel for my “butterfly” is limitless.
    I had no idea that it would be possible to love somebody like that!


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