Saturday, May 5, 2012

Precious is your love...

"The true essence of a man is defined by how he treats you, in good or bad circumstances."

I look across from me and see this beautiful woman. She’s torn, defeated, empty... She has been crying herself to sleep more nights that she can count, but is still not yet cried out. She hasn’t yet gotten over the un-appreciation of her love, the misuse of her heart, the stomping of her pride and the complete disregard of her emotions.

Who is to blame? Who is at fault?

The woman who trusted this man, regardless of and despite everything she had learned from observing her parent’s relationship…. Regardless of what she learned by looking at the world around her and learning from actions that she knew to be right or wrong. Is she to blame because she wronged herself by not following that little voice inside? Because she ignored that gut feeling that was telling her to tread very carefully, to hold off, and that somehow this wasn't right? Is she to blame for not taking (at face value) the glimpse of his soul he inadvertently showed her. Is she to blame for wishing where there was no hope, nor a future? Is she to blame for thinking she could change the untamable and conquer the unconquerable? Is she to blame for picking the wrong prince for herself?


Is he to blame for taking a love that he wasn't ready to commit to? For showing her pleasure when it was never for keeps? Is he to blame for giving in to lust? For falling short on expectations when he knew he couldn't ever meet them to begin with? Is he to blame for giving in to greed; to the forbidden? For not knowing what commitment and exclusivity meant? For taking a heart that wasn't for him to have? Is he to blame for being selfish and wanting all the dames of the kingdom?

Foster the thought but quickly move on, because at the end of the day, knowing where the fault lies wouldn't change the outcome or make the shattered pieces easier to pick up.

To the woman sitting across from me I say, “You are beautiful inside and out, you are not to be compared and most of all, you are a gift... Know it, believe it and live by it and your love will flourish in the right hands!”

Maya Angelou said, "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time."

While people can change because they want to and not because you think you can make them, remember that a fish will always be a fish...

         Love healthy,


  1. They are both to blame. Women are often too naive; they believe in fairy tales. Men take us for granted; they are never satisfied.

    Bisous, Pat

    1. Thank you for visiting Patricia!

      I myself believe in they fairy tale of happily ever after, I believe there is out there a prince for every single one of us.
      What we fell to master, as woman, is loving ourselves first, believing in our self worth and not compromising on the belief that we are deserving of wholesome love.
      As far as man... LOL


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