Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

“Yesterday you said tomorrow. Well, guess what today is?
You guessed it. Now do something about it!”


How many of us are guilty of saying that?
This resonates so deeply within me as I know I rely on tomorrow as if tomorrow is a given…

Stop putting things off, stop procrastinating. Stop over-thinking, stop stressing about it.
We got an inner time clock which doesn’t pause or stop every time we don’t “feel like” doing something. Life is not a trial run; life is not endless. 
Don’t let the boat sail away from you thinking tomorrow you’ll be able to get on board. Live life as if today is your only opportunity; picture it as if there is no tomorrow so you can give it your very best.
Today is here, it’s time to keep promises made to yourself and hold yourself accountable for what you said…

To living the moment to the fullest,

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