Friday, July 13, 2012

When Love Doesn't Mean Everything...

Isn’t love supposed to make things better? Isn’t love supposed to salvage any damages and overcome every obstacle? Isn’t love supposed to withstand the test of time? Isn’t love the remedy to all aches? Isn’t love the solution to all of our problems? Isn’t love supposed to conquer all?
We invest so much faith in love and its ability to cure and defeat all, but we forget that just like a good investment in the stock market, we have to keep a watchful eye on the stock’s movement so it doesn’t lose its worth…
I’ve said it so many times; nothing is ever meant to last forever, unless you put in the work, time and commitment required to nurture the relationship.
Love is a feeling that needs attention; it needs to be nourished, stroked, and romanced to grow strong… Love hurts. Sometimes, love wants or needs to give up and give in. Love walks away to never come back, and love sometimes just don’t know. So when you find it… then what?
We see so many people come and go through the doors of our life. Some we instantaneously connect with and fall for. There are some who, little by little, you let take over part of the priceless real estate that is your heart. Most of them, you think will stay and be a part of your life forever…

Nothing is meant to last forever, not even the "good and happy" relationships, which only guilt is the showing of use from years filled with love and time spent. Nothing needs to happen for the vision of the end to sharpen and slowly erase the idea of what you knew as forever...
Nothing is meant to last forever but the experience is supposed to stay with you forever... ~RS

In friendship, and in intimacy you’ve found love…what now?
Is it really the key to forever or is it a guarantee for right now? Is it the foundation of all that matters or is it the uneven ground on which the “possibility” can be built?
Love will give you wings. Love will make you a fighter. Love will make you an optimist and love will make you confident. But sometimes, love won’t be enough to take on and confront all the chasms in your life’s journey. That’s inevitably when heartbreaks will happen, deception will creep in, doubt will cast its anchor, years will bring changes and main roads will create many little trails pushing us towards different directions. These turns lead you to do something you didn’t start thinking you would have to do… thinking your way out of love.

To say that love is everything is extremely unrealistic. It is actually a romantic statement that covers a lot of grounds. What is love without trust? What is it without respect? True love can endure a lot but it can't always be enough. Love doesn’t conquer all. Your attitude and your willingness to keep pushing and working at it will help you overcome the challenges, but to be successful, the parties in the relationship have to want it just as much and be equal in the desire to maintain the love.
Love starts by being blind but can’t escape reality when you realize that it does not feed, clothe or shelter. It doesn't solve problems or predict issues. Love is not enough in most settings but life is undeniably not worth living without experiencing it…
Love is the beginning of all and can be the end of all.

Do I believe that love is the core of everything worthwhile? Yes.
And that it conquers all? No, I don't believe love conquers all, but it's the best and strongest foundation to build everything in your life on.
You need to foster and create healthy relationships but love is just the foundation. It takes a lot more than "love" to be invincible and be forever. Love is the cement that keeps respect, trust, kindness, communication, interest and chemistry together…

"We are told that people stay in love because of chemistry, or because they remain intrigued with each other, because of many kindnesses, because of luck. But part of it has got to be forgiveness and gratefulness."
— Ellen Goodman

To love,


  1. WOW!!!!! You are a such a prolific writer.

    1. Hi Teke, thank you for stopping by!
      I guess that's what happen when you don't sleep much and your mind keeps going and going :)
      Hope the content is still of a great caliber!


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