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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Answer to An Anonymous Questioner...

"If a story is in you, it has got to come out."
William Faulkner

I was sent an anonymous message on my blog asking; why do I feel the need to write so much and share my opinion on everything? Ummm…

My first reaction was to take the question in a very negative way (and my mind did go all the way up in there!), but then when I started to think about a “tasty” reply, it dawned on me how legitimate the question was and re-thought taking it negatively.
Maybe it was because many times I had asked myself:
Am I intruding?
Am I bothering?
Am I sharing too much?
Am I too present?

Someone once commented with, “Rose, you are a prolific writer.” I took it as a compliment because I knew who it was coming from. I knew that it was only a measure of love sent my way…
But sometimes I wonder…sometimes I question myself. Is being overly creative, at times, more of a nuisance; taking away the depth and meaning of my stories?

I’m not a “fictional” writer (I don’t have the imagination required). I write from personal experiences; I write base off emotions I feel towards something or someone. It works because most of the time, these emotions coincide with a message or a moral to the story…to myself!

The aim in my writing is never to intrude, bother, be too present, share when not asked, or to teach anything… it is simply for the meaning and mostly for the love of it
It is a way for me to see more clearly into a situation and present another perspective.
Dylan Thomas said when someone asked him what message he was trying to deliver in one of his plays “Message? Message? What am I? A bloody postman?” LOL…
“I’m not trying to deliver a message, I’m writing about the direction my moral compass takes me and the why to certain actions. I’m writing about the message to myself. I like to think that I’m unique but I know that out of the 6 billion + humans on this earth, there’s bound to be at least a handful that think, act, and feel the way I do. And in return, I’m interested in how the rest of the world thinks, feel and acts in the same given situation”.

The reason why I can’t take offense to the question (and this unless, of course, someone bluntly tells me, “RosieSandz you suck! Enough already…” even that I would have to respectJ!) is because I know most of you who take the time to read, or are receiving my notifications and updates, are friends and people who have known me for many many years. Most of you are rightfully taken back by this “new side” of me. Believe me when I say, I’m not trying to provide moral guidance (I have lots of personal clean-up to do before I even contemplate the thought…). I, myself, am still working on being consistent in practicing my lessons learned. Laying it down on cyber-paper is more therapeutic for me than catered for anyone else’s enlightenment.

I do it for the love of it… Hope I answered your question…

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