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Building Your Life While Your Joy is Being Stolen...

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Many people live their lives crucified between two thieves – the regrets of yesterday, and the anxieties of tomorrow.  ~ Erwin Lutzer

So many times, my happiness and joy have been stolen by negativity, pessimism and nihilism…
I take a look at my life and can’t help but think about my “now” and how I got where I am today. I look at the hurdles, the pains, the doubts, all the times I revisited and re-evaluated decisions I’ve made, all the times I wanted to give up and give in to pressure, and all the times that I thought, “This is it, it’s not for you, move on…” The tears…the endless tears because my 100% wasn’t enough, it wasn’t a guarantee. Then I had to learn. I had to learn that even if my joy was (seemingly) being stolen from me, I had to keep on building my life. Anything taken away is ultimately a temporary state; all can be replaced and enhanced for deeper joy and appreciation.
Life is made up of so many components. Some are obvious and expected, while some are hidden under invisible folds that catch you by surprise. Either way, on whichever side of the scale of what predominantly happens in your life, we need to accept and understand that life is made of good and bad moments and know that without the bad, the good wouldn’t be so rewarding…

Don’t cry because of what you are going through…smile because it happened and now it’s gone…
Although it’s normal to feel discouraged and down after experiencing and holding on to anger, resentments, and emotional upsets.  Let go, free your heart! Forgive the thieves, forgive the wrong doers in your life and make amends with whomever you need to; what you will experience from forgiving will be rewarding and joyous.
But most importantly, you need to remember that you are not perfect. Your mistakes are part of your growth, so learn to forgive yourself and embrace your imperfections.

When being deceived and surrounded by negativity, everything at that moment takes on a greater proportion than what it really is. Looking back on what you considered to be your biggest challenges, in retrospect are now mere particles of your life’s puzzle… small stuff. When put in perspective, you realize all those “small stuff’s” combined, are part of life. They are what helps you build your character and find the strength to take on more…
I’m not saying to live life expecting the worst at all times, but what I am saying is to live life knowing challenges may/will happen and to be ready for the lessons.
You have the power to hold on to your life, happiness and joy…build your life and decide on the behaviour you want to display.

While building our lives, we are not always in control of our circumstances. Understanding that and the fact that many things can happen, while stacking up the walls of your existence, are out of your control. Having a vision and shaping your future is always a positive and joyous project. Making it happen is where the challenge is, as the chasms on the road can be very treacherous. Some past events will shape part of the unforeseen future.

“There’s nothing so bad in this world that it couldn't be worse” –Irish Proverbs

Keep building your life through a mixture of circumstances and in the process don’t let your joy be taken away. Hold on to it! What you will come across down your path and around the corner will require and generate more joy!

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