Monday, August 27, 2012

The Black Caterpillar...

Wait... Don't judge my cover. Give me a chance...
 I am in the process of turning into a beautiful butterfly...

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

There is always a beginning and an end of any organism, action, feeling, and story.
To arrive at any result, or for it to be “THE” moment you are at now or the end of your road, there is an evident passage which is a common walkthrough one must take; the aging process.
And then there is the process that differentiate us, that makes us all unique, that brings judgement; the building of character and personality.
However, our journey is never this simple…
Why is it that on this road to discovery and construction of who we are, we are rarely looked at based on our possibilities and potential, but merely on first impressions…

First impressions are made when situations or people are being judged by what you see on the outside, or hearsay. For people, typically, first impressions are made based on appearances, behaviour and demeanour. These are all preconceived, superficial assumptions.
While we can’t negate the fact that we all are guilty (to a certain extreme) of being judgmental and base many of our (re)actions and relationships on that first impression, and while we can also agree that first impression is the lasting impression we need to make a conscious effort to not let it be the last impression.

Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a metaphoric quote, that simply encourages us to be more tolerant, patient, not so quick to “pull the trigger” and give in to misconceptions but see if there is more depth to the person (or situation).

While on the way to catching the bus to the ferry that would take us to Cape Cod, my daughter stopped us, screaming about the ugliness of “this weird ugly bug” that was crawling on the ground. My friend, my niece and I converged around the creeping bug, stared and finally realized it was a caterpillar. Then it dawned on me; aren’t caterpillars supposed to turn into beautiful butterflies? It was just at the beginning of its journey. I hurried and took a picture but then I realized that I would not be there to see the transformation. I will never know what colour of the rainbow it will turn out to be but I knew, that day, it wasn’t at its full potential…
My niece and daughter both asked me why I bothered to take a picture of an ugly caterpillar; I told them, “I’m taking the picture because I’ve learned a lesson. I will blog about it and call it Black caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly…”
They both giggled and I smiled because truly I had learned a lesson…

We are all worth having the chance to reach our potential, regardless of the baggage we carry; from mannerisms, characteristics, appearances, circumstances and predicaments which all are not reasons enough to label and put anyone on the short list.
It is definitely a bad habit (judging) that I personally need to conquer. I need to learn to see beyond that first interaction and to not be so hang up on the “first 7 seconds rule to make a good impression”.
We all need to be cognisant to always remember “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

To the beautiful caterpillar within us…



  1. I am SO SO guilty of this. My only justification is that is is done out of survival and or the memory of pain or financial loss. Doesn't make it right though... Conrad

  2. Hi Conrad,

    Like I said, I think we all guilty of that to a certain extend. Admitting it is half the battle and knowing the reason of the behavior gives you a good start in working toward a change.



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