Friday, September 28, 2012

Music is What Feeling Sound Like...

“Music is the last true voice of the human spirit. It can go beyond language,
beyond age, and beyond color
straight to the mind and heart of all people”
~Ben Harper

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me text after listening (over and over) to “blown away” by Carrie Underwood. His message was, “I Think you should write a post about music and how therapeutic it is; how people use songs as anthems to navigate through their tough times…”
Ummm…. I thought it would be a nice subject. I promised I would, but didn’t really get the inspiration… In all actuality, I was having a hard time connecting with anything at all. It seems like much of my inspiration has been hiding from me lately, or maybe my mind is simply focused on other things; blocking any creativity. So I sat with my right hand man on this writing journey, my “editor” (wink) and he said, “Your best work comes out when you tap into your emotions; when you tap into the hard moments in your life…” He continued with, “Some of the best songs that I’ve ever written (in my life), were after my heart was broken, or after I’ve experienced serious pain. Pain does something to creativity that happiness does not; it literally makes your feelings bleed onto the paper…”
This was the 2nd person in a matter of a week telling me how music was and is important in their lives.
I dug deep when I wrote “My Lesson in Betrayal.” It came from a hard place, and while I was writing it, I remembered every moment of the pain. I was forced to think about the work it took to get through it and I remembered how for hours I could sit and listen to Mary J.Blidge, Heather Hadley, Sade and Adele… These ladies seem to know how to sing about pain. They are all well versed in the art of heat-ache and heart-break, and can somehow connect lyrics with the very blood vessels around someone’s heart, in a way no one else can. These were the (sad) songs that I felt were written from my story and to hear them validated all my feelings. When I was listening to upbeat songs, it was simply a sign of a better day. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve said (while hearing a song for the first time on the radio, listening to a CD or viewing it on the TV music channel), “Wow, this song is about me… It’s about my life… How does she/he know my story?” And then I understood what they both meant; how in most of our lives there is rarely a moment when music doesn’t walk side by side with our emotions. There’s seldom a moment where music is not our emotions, planted in lyrics and music.

"When you're happy, you enjoy the music. 
But when you're sad, you understand the lyrics."
 -Frank Ocean

Whenever I want to relive a past memory, I know what song I need to listen to. There will always be a particular song to make me go back in time and relieve the scenes… Music does that for me; it keeps my memories alive.
There is a melody that connects with your senses, there is a song just for you and there is music for every moment of our lives…
From Anita Baker, who back then I couldn’t understand all she was singing about but loved the sound, voice and melody…
Black sheep and Kwame tunes that would get me up on the dance floor as if an automatic button had been pushed…
From Ralph Tresvant’s “Sensitivity” which automatically brings up the picture of “the hubby”…
Shai’s “If I ever fall in love” signifies the first time I went to Detroit to visit “the hubby” and meet his family…
My wedding will always be associated with Brian McKnight…
“You are my Sunshine” was the song used to serenade my little angels…
Beyoncé’s “Dangerously in Love” is for when I am overwhelmed by love…
Luther Vandross’ “Dance with my father”…cry so many tears for my mother… for my father…
Music is our best creation; it is our most honest creation in how it translates our sensitivity, our feelings, and our thoughts with no exclusions…freely.
If I’m feeling down and low, at my happiest, stressed, confident and optimistic, the soft humming in the air or the loud tones has the answers to all my moods… Music always answers all and helps you gets through your personal hurdles.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words
and cannot remain silent”
~Victor Hugo

So how about you? As music played any significance in your life? Are most of your memories bound to lyrics, tunes that keep them alive and unforgettable?

To the soundtrack of our lives...


  1. YES!!! Girl we all have that one artist or album that we listen to when we are going thru it. Lord knows I have had my share of Mary J.days. Music will make you think, tap into your soul, and lift you spirits. That's what music is meant to do. Very cute and relative blog!

    1. Hi Autie

      I see music as a group made of invisible friends where you will undoubtedly find the one who you will always understand, who you can identify to, relate to and like you said...who will lift our spirits!


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