Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.
 It is God's finger on man's shoulder."
Charles Morgan

There was an atheist couple who had a child. The couple never told their daughter anything about the Lord. One night, when the little girl was 5 years old, the parents fought with each other and the father shot the mom right there in front of the little girl....then he shot himself. The little girl watched it all!!! She was then sent to foster home. The foster mother was a christian and took the child to Sunday school... The foster mother told the teacher that the little girl had never heard of Jesus and to have patience with her. The teacher held up a picture of the lord and asked "does anyone know who this is?" and the little girl said "I do, that's the man who was holding me the night my parents died."

No one is bigger than the power of God regardless of your acceptance of the fact…
God's always there with no exceptions, he blesses us in spite of ourselves and for ourselves and that before we ask or realize our need of him.

To knowing that we are never alone...
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