Friday, November 9, 2012

Can We Only Live Life by Faith?

“Faith and doubt both are needed - not as antagonists, but working side by side to take us around the unknown curve”.
Lillian Smith

Can we only live life by faith?... The more I think about the question and (in my mind) go through the different possibilities of response, the more it is clear... the answer is very simple and obvious. 
YES, we can only live our life by faith. To me, it’s unfeasible to pull faith away from any decision we make in our lives. In essence, every choice, or any resolutions we make are because we believe; we have faith in something or someone, or simply because of mistrust and disbelief.
Belief is a heartfelt acceptance of (and trust in) a set of philosophies and principles. Faith is the manifestation of that belief. To put it another way, faith is belief in action.

At the heart of anyone’s life lies the question and struggle on the importance of faith.

Look at it this way: You hear atheists say, “I don’t believe in God” and on the other hand you hear Christians profess, “I believe in God and the afterlife.” While we like to debate against each other, depending on which side we stand, we fail to realize that in either statement the core of it is belief and to believe is to have faith.
I have come to realize that before I can stand for (or against) anything or anyone, before I can make decisions on any given situations, I have to believe. I have to believe strongly, especially if all odds are going against the grain.
We make the mistake of thinking that all things concerning “faith” are spiritual and religion-based, while in reality “faith” is just the strong belief in something/one. It is the aptitude to wait patiently on an outcome. You can apply faith to anything in your life, in the same token you can envision, manifest anything in your life through faith. To completely believe in something that hasn't occurred yet or that you haven’t seen or experienced is having faith. Why we choose to blindly believe, with no need of proof, is where the argument should lay, not in whether or not we have faith. From the moment we choose to believe we already have faith whether we like it or not, whether we realize it or not…so, if belief is present in your life so is faith!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. - Hebrews 11:1

Faith by definition is illogical; it basically means to believe in something without any form of tangible proof. To have faith is not to adhere to a life of uncertainty, but one of strong convictions. To live in faith is to rely completely on your hopes and believes and that’s where I have (at times) an issue with faith. Faith to me becomes a problem when we rely solely on it and disregard any common sense or logic.

Religion vs. Faith… is there a difference or is it one in the same?

Again I say, YES! While the 2 are often viewed and spoken about as one in the same, they are 2 different notions. However, it is also true that without faith, religion is nearly an impossible concept as it is based on little fact but on the other hand faith doesn't require religion to stand on its own.
Believing and having faith in something doesn't guarantee that you are right and can’t be deemed wrong, however the big difference with religion is that your faith in it requires the belief and certitude (without being proven) that it can’t be wrong!
I.e.: We have faith in the loyalty of our spouse, we have faith in the goodness of mankind, we have faith in the school system, and we have faith in the system. However, time gives you the opportunity to change, fine-tune or substantiate your beliefs. Religion doesn't allow you to do so. It asks you to have faith, regardless of what evidence may come up to challenge it… Either you have a blind and binding faith in it or you don’t!

Why is it that people worry about if, where and how much time you spend in church or cultivating your faith? My failure to go into the house of God to praise Him has no bearing on my faith in Him. I go to church when my life’s schedule allows me to go but as I spoke about it previously, does that determine the depth of my faith in my religion? I pray quietly, sincerely when I need to and when I’m drawn to Him
I have a great and liberating faith in God; I know that because (and through) him I am granted each day in the life I’m living. I thank Him everyday for my blessings, humbled by the gifts he’s bestowed on me and above all, I’m in gratitude for his daily forgiveness.

To me, the biggest difference between religion and faith is that religion (with its written doctrine) will inform you of what you are to believe but faith is an actual deep knowing that you trust in your own belief in God. Faith and religion compliment each other, but are not the same. Faith is the belief that everything will work out the way you hope for, and religion is a structural entity to guide you in the practice of your faith

Can you live your life with no faith?


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