Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

“The truth is everyone is going to hurt you.
You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”
~Bob Marley


Forgive and be thankful…
Two friends were walking and at a determined point of their trip they discussed strongly, and because of anger one offended the other, with unjustified insults.  The other, offended and having nothing to say wrote on the sand: "Today, my best friend offended me".  
They continued ahead and arrived to an oasis where they decided to take a bath.  The offended one started to drown, and his friend saved him.
When he recuperated he took the stylus and wrote on a stone: "Today, my best friend saved my life".  Intrigued, the friend asked: "Why after I insulted you, you wrote on the sand and now instead you write on a stone?"
Smiling the other friend answered: "When a friend offends us, we should write on the sand, where the wind of forgetfulness and forgiveness will be in charge of erase it and turn it off.  But when he helps us, we should engrave it on the stone of the heart memory, where no wind will be able to erase it."

The friendships worth letting the small stuff go for…
We have to remember true friends are not supernatural beings with supernatural powers; they are human beings who have their own burdens, problems which at times take over moments…lives… The key thing to remember when dealing with friends worth holding on to is that any negative behaviour from them towards you is temporary, it quickly will be replaced by love actions
Hurts are often the result of: a misunderstanding, a perceived misplaced loyalty, a poor judgment call, words said while grumpy, words said while angry, and words not chosen carefully enough. They can also be a result of: passive aggressive humor, frustration, a forgotten return call, mistaking simple insensitivity for an intentional insult or offense, or many other things but not a reflection of a lost friendship or betrayal…

 To the one walking with us through our thick and thin...

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