Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Wish For You (and me) This Christmas…

"Do not save your loving speeches
For your friends till they are dead;
Do not write them on their tombstones,
Speak them rather now instead.”
- Anna Cummins

While with all my heart I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday know that this wish encompasses more than the meaning and what’s expected from these words…  

I wish that this life becomes all that we want it to be
I wish that we all realize that all life moments matter as they are short-lived (especially when including those we love the most)
I wish us all success in our lives, in our relationships and the magic formula is persistence…
I wish we all realize our strength (even in a none crisis situation). It is not bestow to selected ones, it is within all of us…

Don’t settle for safe, welcome and feel the real lows of life because it will make the real highs much enjoyable….
Don’t wish anything different than your past (being wiser, done things differently…) because we all know life is full of unexpected and spontaneous life lessons that help build character and helps us grow…
Don’t hurry life; enjoy it by doing your best in it… Have no regrets

What I've lived without knowing, what I didn't know which helped shape who I am now, the life I love at this moment.....and I'm loving every second of it! That is my reality that I wish continuation for myself.

Life is a journey in which we are at the destination in every moment. This realization is my wish for all of us…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday…


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