Sunday, December 16, 2012


“Little child dry your crying eyes. How can I explain the fear you feel inside 
cause you were born into this evil world where man is killing man and no one knows just why…” ~White Lion

And another wake-up call in the wake of Newtown CT. shooting…

Friday December 14th 2012 will FOREVER stay carved into my soul as on that day I reached a level of upset, hurt, disbelief, sadness, and blankness towards the world we live in and what we, as human being, are capable of doing and allow ourselves to do to one another.

We hear about it every day… Continuous slaying of thousands of our children in DR of Congo and other part of Africa, in Syria, 3 days ago the slashing and killing (by knife) of 22 children in China and 3 days ago also…in our backyard…20 kids gun downed..

My daughter asked us “how someone can build the courage to grab a gun and shoot at children?” The first think we did, was explain to her to never associate the word courage to ANY such actions. There wasn’t anything courageous in that man act. It was a tragedy. And for us (me and the hubby) as parent, there were no words to explain the how and why; there were no possible reasoning to this heart-breaking senseless event we could come up with to explain it and there was definitely no tentative in our part to find a justification… It was one of those situations where we were just at lost for words. We looked at our child and just said “mama, what was done is wrong, unexplainable and we don’t understand it. All we can do is pray for those babies and their families”
We were driving, the hubby asked that we please change subject as he couldn’t stomach talking about it any longer…

How do get to this place where some people find it okay to treat each other like animals? We are so violent, uncaring towards each other. Why don’t we display that Christian behaviour we like to claim we are as a Nation? No wonder we raise young men to murder senselessly.
But it isn’t just guns and the easy access we have to them (although it is a big part of the problem)…it is us and the society we are creating. Where do people get the will to kill? Where there is a will, there is a way…isn’t that a popular saying?

As a nation, as a society, as a community, as a parents, and as a human being we have to take responsibility. We have to start from the bottom tier, which is us moms and dads and look at our parenting. We have to pay a closer look at what we allow our babies to grow up with as far as values and morals. What we allow them to immerge in with the media, internet and video games. We have to remember that we are the educators of our children and NOT all those 3rd parties! We need to monitor our children and stop believing that this cannot happen to us and by this I mean giving birth to an Adam Lanza (as I am sure his mother wouldn't have thought the child she gave birth was going to kill her and massacre 26 innocent) or being the mother of one of those 20 innocent babies. Look for signs, be aware, be hands-on, be present and seek help when you don’t know, when you have doubts… be proactive

“To bear free will implies the right to choose,
Yet one must bear the burdens of each choice.
Some say, “For one to gain, another must lose,”
But helping each other helps ease sacrifice.
The right of arms implies the right to kill,
Yet, who are you, to judge who’ll die or live?
The right to life, so strong, yet so fragile,
Requires you to honor it and forgive.
For every right that you feel you deserve
Implies the need to give that right to others,
For you must see the truth that sages observe –
Our souls eternal bind us all as brothers.
Every right must bear responsibility
For consequences we may not foresee.”
~David M. Johnston

 My thoughts and prays are with the families of those innocents who were violently taken away from them. God help us in finding change within our ways.


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