Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

“Things change.
Stuff happens. Life goes on.”
~Elizabeth Scott

 Life goes on… This is what I have learned so far in my short life J
IT TRULY GOES ON... Whatever happens to you, failure or celebrating success ... winning or losing... loss and newness in your live… financial disaster, hardships, job loss…if you are happy or sad; regardless of the effect of your actions…life just moves on and keeps keeping on.

I read this today about life “It never stops to ponder yesterday, nor does it falters for fear of tomorrow. It’s just a way of saying Live by the day, do not fear life, go with the flow... today is the day I worried about yesterday, and here it is nothing stopped it from coming" ... I wish I came up with that…
The best lesson to learn is that although life is continuous, it is also not eternal. You only get one! Live it to the fullest, build yourself a collection of experiences and learn from them. Move on from yesterday so you can enjoy your gift while you have it. Take the good with the bad… embrace the challenges…be thankful for what you own but most of all… LOVE you every single day.
Things will happen, right or wrong, your life will change. You will adjust and go on.

Live your life, You are proof that Life goes on…


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