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Wednesday Guest Post "10 Tips for Raising Joyful Children" by Greg Malouf

About Greg Malouf  
I help people take a journey away from life as they know it and travel into the world of the 'Self,' which is where they will ultimately find healing. Along this journey, they will challenge old beliefs, access aspects of this 'Self' that have been hidden or denied, and gain insights and skills that will unlock the doors to a new inner wisdom.
In 2009, I founded the Epsilon Healing Academy, working with students throughout the world. The Academy is my commitment to share my lessons on how to truly liberate the mind and body, live in the present with gratitude, consciously create life on your terms and finally experience the abundance you deserve!
My latest book, “Silent: The Power of Silence” was written to take readers on an inward journey to find the all-loving place and connection to all that is—the silent connection to Self.

10 Tips for Raising Joyful Children 

There is no greater joy than freedom of the soul, particularly as it is expressed in the laughter of our children.   And that is never more evident than during the holiday season–– a time that seems tailor-made for kids.  The magic associated with the stories and traditions conjures the innocence of the young and the young at heart –- and creates the perfect opportunity to reinforce some important lessons for developing healthy young minds and spirits.
As this year’s holiday season wanes and we head off into a New Year full of promise, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when interacting with your children.  Of course, these apply all year long!

1. Be more aware of your children.
The importance of outside obligations will fade along with the luster of the latest games or gadgets your kids receive.  Simplify.  Talk to your kids about what matters to them.  Create happy memories from the time you spend together – time with your focus on them. 
2.  Recognize their age, and let them live it.
Let your kids be kids and adjust your expectations accordingly.  Childhood is meant to be an imperfect time of trial and error.  Embrace the journey. 
3. Allow them to express themselves. Celebrate their laughter—do not hinder it.
There’s plenty of time to be serious.  Give your children a safe space to express themselves freely. Encourage moments of joy!
4. Talk to them instead of demanding things of them.
If you want them to listen to you, occasionally act silly with them. Act their age.  In other words, have fun!
5. Encourage their creative side, and allow them to be self-reliant.
Don’t do everything for them. Let them help Mom and Dad, and avoid being overly critical when they don’t do something exactly the way you would. 
6. Nurture their dreams. 
Make the time you have with them quality time. Laugh, and play how they like to play.  The simplicity of their lives is, in a way, a connection with your own long-ago suppressed dreams. 
7. Never judge, criticize, or belittle them in front of others.
Judgments and criticisms of them will suppress their self-worth.  Guide them by giving them confidence in Self.  Help them understand their feelings. Allow them to feel and to trust in their instincts.
8.  Be quiet.
This one is twofold.  First, once in awhile, let them do the talking while you just listen.  Second, encourage them to be quiet.  Help them practice connecting with their true inner self, either through meditation or simply by being still.  Teach them the value in silence. 
9. Forgive yourself when you get it wrong.
There is no such thing as a perfect parent.  Both forgiving yourself and apologizing when you’ve made a mistake teach very powerful, meaningful lessons to your children.  Don’t hold onto regrets over past shortcomings.  Every moment is another chance to get it right. 
10.  Live with joy yourself!
When you are connected to Self and live with joy, you are a living, breathing example for your children to do the same.

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