Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

Most people come equipped by nature 
with all of the pieces of a puzzle necessary to enjoy life with excellent health, but by the time they get their career and family underway, most have not only managed to scramble the puzzle … they’ve actually lost some of the pieces"
~ Diane McLaren

We are so worried about growing up, growing old, responsibility and what maturity truly means because we are fearful it will strip us of our dreams and over the top, big, aspirations so when the inevitable does happen we are lost between what is and our real possibilities

A few years ago I read The Road Less Traveled by Peck. He wrote All of life represents a risk, and the more lovingly we live our lives the more risks we take. Of the thousands, maybe even millions, of risks we can take in a lifetime the greatest is the risk of growing up…
While I didn’t fully understand that sentence then, I sure do now. I’ve taken so many shortcuts in my life to get, to achieve, to maintain who I am today that the path that was once clear to me is somewhat of a blur because I’ve let responsibilities alone dictate my moves and allow me to forget some of the biggest dreams I have ever envisaged to make reality… I’ve let my shortcuts take me off course of my dream. While adding to my life the needs a family, career and responsibility brought, I grew complacent where comfort revealed itself.

In order to grow we need to know that changes will take place. We need to be able to tolerate the times when not everything is the way we pictured and imagined it to be but NOT let it confuse us or make us lose our focus. Sometimes growing means taking a second look at some deeply held assumptions of the way we see the world, and that process can be so uncomfortable and a bit scary but the pieces of our puzzles should remain the same while the pace and the order in putting the puzzle together will most likely be different…


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