Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

"Let your market value be so high that only people rich in character will be able to stand in your presence. Let your value be so high that those who can’t appreciate others will not walk into your life’s “store” and ask about your cost. Be an exclusive item; after all, there’s only one you, made especially for this world to respect and treasure!"

This was the last sentence in my post about what we think our value is in this world. While everything I wrote in that post resonates with me, this was THE message. This stayed with me long long after it was on white paper…long after I hit “publish”…
Love yourself, uphold yourself to the standards you see fit to follow in your life and require from those around you (in or out of your space) to acknowledge you with respect and to recognize those standards you have for yourself and your life…


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