Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Simple, Yet Praiseworthy Life. How Easy…

“Life is mostly froth and bubble,
Two things stand like stone.
Kindness in another's trouble,
Courage in your own.”
~Adam Lindsay Gordon

When the secret of living a praiseworthy life is much easier than we imagine…

It’s funny how we can be right on the cusp of making most of our desires reality but either don’t realize how close we are to achieving it, or are unable to recognize what it is that is good for us.  Because of that, we give in to the lack of confidence and eventually give up. We all should think highly of ourselves because within us, we were given a seed of great potential that is waiting to be uncovered and released. But the harsh reality for most of us is that our potential never sees the light. We spend too much time focusing solely on dreaming the big dreams, seeking gigantic aspirations, and losing sight of our rough talents and this moment’s accomplishments… We forget that Rome wasn’t built in one day. Without laying the ground work at the start of any project, there wouldn’t be a realization of the vision.

Praiseworthy life or life of purpose… Why does it sound so complicated to achieve?

More and more it is becoming clearer to me how simpler it is to live a life of purpose; how easy it is to live a life where our God-given potential is use not only for us but for others’ benefit.

So I asked, “10 years from now, will you remember me and why?” Some answers made my soul nod, some answers made my lips smile, while some answers (along with the “no answers”) made me think,  “Rose, you still have a lot of work to do because it is too simple to leave a mark in this world, in people’s lives…”

With a little digging and self-examination, I’ve realized that honesty, compassion and kindness (mostly kindness) go a long way and leave undeniable stamps on the people around us - more than any material gift or grandiose deed we can perform. It made me realize that the secret of living a worthy life is much simpler than what I had thought all along.

So I asked myself this time, "Are you honestly living a life worthy of being remembered?"
And to that I say, while every day is not a good day and every moment has it’s challenges, I need to make sure that today (while working on those big dreams and fantasies) in every step I take in my life’s journey, during every lesson I learn (My Life Lessons), I remember to be kind. I need to realize that today, kindness towards another person will leave a mark that will be praiseworthy.

Kindness is a way of life to me that is shown by someone who truly cares. Kindness shows your goodness, love, forgiveness and mercy towards others. It may be in deed, word or anonymously.

I stumbled on this video Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Thought Bubbles: Kindness yesterday while reading about kindness; it made me realize how easy it truly is to live a purpose life and positively affecting people without having to give them the moon…

My life lessons have taught me, if you are kind to your loved ones, they usually love you in return. If you are kind to a stranger, you will leave a lasting impression and they will remember you for that act of kindness their entire life. Being kind is not easy. It is one of the most difficult things for mankind to be. Our real nature is self-sufficiency and self-protection. It takes work and skill to be really kind. It has taken me years just to get to today realization that kindness is a worthy purpose in our lives… for our lives. And I still have ways to go. So lastly, if you are kind to someone who hates you (and that is the hardest), you may not change their disposition toward you but you will have earned an esteemed place in heaven.

So do this, ask around you "10 years from now, will you remember me? Why?"


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