Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

“Take time to regroup, reflect, assess, on your past and present
Let your findings make you wish for a start over
Not for change
But to experience again all that made you
Motivate yourself to be present
Propel you, wiser, into your tomorrow”
~Rose Sanderson

 Things happen as they do for a reason. I don't believe in coincidences

You wouldn't be who you are NOW if you hadn't been through the experiences you have. You might not like or love the person you are now, along with your predicaments, but wishing to change the journey you’ve been through would take away the wisdom and experiences you’ve gained…and that’s a lot to give up on for an unpredictable do over.
You have to accept the consequences, relish on the joy you encounter and create, live fully the pain(s) and take personal responsibility for how you are.....

Here is a basic analogy to keep in mind...

Most people live in a "HOME", but they envy a house, a castle, or a mansion... the more they envy these houses, castles and mansions... the more they neglect their "HOME" and overlook the beauty of what they have created...
My final words... Don't be too hung up on how "perfect" everyone/everything else is in comparison to you... Because when you get too hung up on that, you begin to forget and neglect what you have that makes you lucky...


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