Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nothing Compares or Even Runs Close To a Mother's Love…

“Mother is the word for God on the hearts
and lips of all little children”
~William Makepeace Thackeray

 In a country, two rival tribes have been feuding for years. One night a warrior from the opposing tribe sneaked into the enemies’ camp and stole one of the woman’s babies to force them into battle. The warriors of the tribe whose baby was stolen tried for many days to rescue the infant, but the other tribe lived high on a dangerous cliff making it hard to access. After 4 days of trying to rescue the child, they returned defeated. One night, as all the warriors slept, they were awaken by shouts of cheer throughout the village. They awoke to see the mother of the child walking home with her child in hand. When asked how she had done it when all efforts of their strongest men had failed she simply replied, "It wasn’t your child".

The gift of motherhood gives you a power that is inexplicable and incomparable. Motherly love is one that is unmatchable as the playing field is unfair for whoever that tries to challenge it. Maternal instinct makes even the most wildest and ugliest of animals’ interaction with her child, beautiful to look at. It is love, that mother’s love, which gives everything beauty…

Mothers care for you
Mothers feed you
Mothers teach you the needed life lessons
Mothers are your pillar
Mothers guide you
Mothers have all the answers
Mothers love you…

A mother is a child's first teacher. While loving us she teaches us morals, behaviour, ethics, values and all social tools required for us to grow into beautiful young adults. A mother knows and fears no sacrifice when it comes to her child.
A mother's love is too broad of a concept to define. It is a love which is radically different from any other love a human experiences in his grown up years. The person we are today and will be tomorrow is based on the relation we have with our mothers.

I have noticed that while undoubtedly we recognize the love from our mothers, it is a love that isn’t celebrated and isn’t paid tribute to in the same way than the other loves of in our lives… The love for our mothers is understated when compared to the wealth we received from them throughout our lives. While we acknowledge that it is our first love, it is also the one love we automatically and assumingly take for granted.
We take her love for granted and more than ever take assumptions that our love for them needs no display because…it’s my mother, of course I love her…

My mother, my ya’Toinette, the silent guide of my life, the bookless teacher, the righteous whisper to all my doubts, my constant spiritual backup when I’m not in worship, the image I blindly try to emulate. Learning from you taught me all that is important in my life and for my life.
You taught me the importance of family, and how to make a marriage work (compassion, commitment, communication, and compromise!).
You taught me to consider the source, and to let insults roll off my back.
You taught me to have confidence in myself, including my appearance and to value what I am, my worth.
You taught me to be thankful, and to realize that money isn't everything.
I am the very product of your body, and even with the miles between us we have learn to disregard, I know you care about my every emotion, pain, happiness, love, hate and all else like no one else on the planet ever will. 

Every time we get on the phone I can close my eyes and see the smile brought on your face from hearing my voice. I can feel the peace you suddenly feel from listening to the tone of my voice. And while I realise what I bring into your life, I hope and pray that you know that what you bring into mine, days in days out, pale in comparison to what you have unselfishly given to me. Your love is palpable even at thousands and thousands miles away and this because of the kind of mother you are…

Mom, I respectfully, shamelessly, audaciously, unconditionally, lovingly praise and love you for the things you have done, the things you have said and the ones you didn’t have to say or do. But most of all, I praise you for teaching me to be a mother… a mother in your image and for that I am forever thankful.


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