Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You Turned An Everyday Day into A Celebration… Thank You!

A week ago, I felt a little “unspecial” and “common” while thinking about my upcoming birthday. Meeting someone who shares the same birthday, same name and origin made me think…ummmm you are not that special after all! Hard reality check on the eve of your “day”.
This year’s birthday had no special significance. It was not a celebration of a new decade; it was just an additional notch, a continuation and blossoming of the fourth decade in my life. Appreciation for having the day, the moment, the opportunity, the privilege is a given however I didn’t feel it deserved any fanfare.  

But YOU decided it wasn’t so…

In the Sanderson’s household we have the “great” habit of making sure we gather as a family and “sing” our exclusive rendition of The Happy Birthday Song, acapella, to all of our love ones on their birthdays. Please note that the word “great” and the word “sing” are both in quotation as there are great discrepancies in their meaning depending if you are the recipient or the giver!
In the wee hours of the 30th, I got woken up with a kiss on my forehead and a soft happy birthday baby. I closed my eyes and remained motionless. About 15 min later, my babygirl spread herself on top of me, hugged me and said happy birthday mommy and left. Commotion in the kitchen, little legs, long legs running around getting ready for a school day, while dad oversaw  the morning to do list. I laid quiet waiting on my boy…he couldn’t have forgotten my day, even if it was just another day…
And then he came in my room, singing our birthday song in his high pitched voice, followed by his sister and the hubby… And as impromptu as it started, it ended. In that moment, they had managed to make a “just another day” a very special one.

I like to think that while we should be appreciative for who and what surrounds us, we also shouldn't be so reliant on others and things to fill our lives and shape our days. We should learn to love, trust, and be happy with ourselves.

I live my life everyday thus I "celebrate" every day. I am being greeted everyday by the sunrise and by the smiles of love ones and strangers. I am being gifted everyday with life and chances. Another year older and I realize the celebration should be daily.
However, the fact that you (my family, my friends, my blogger followers) took the time to show me love thru the day made me realize that sometimes, you can’t be in control of everything; you can’t control the impact that your entourage will have on you. Yesterday, you all turned an “everyday” day into a “fantabulous” day!

Every year my birthday gets me thinking about the past year of life, what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve experienced and all I should be grateful for. It has been a tremendous year of growth for me, spiritually and as a person. And while I ponder on what I want the next year to be like, I need to make sure I acknowledge each and every single one of you for the love, support and place you hold in my life.
Thank you to those who've motivated me and pushed me to greater heights. Thank you ALL for being a part of my life. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes… It means a lot to me. Thank YOU.

It’s a time for a lot of reflection and celebration.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
~Dr. Seuss


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