Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

“Every second you spend not knowing yourself worth
but seeking from others what you should inherently gift yourself ,
is diluting your potential away...”
~Rose Sanderson

We look for love in all the wrong places...
We seek out acceptance from the wrong people...
We yearn for praises from those who are indifferent...
The love that counts comes from within...
The acceptance that matter starts with self...
And the acknowledgment that makes a difference is self-given 
Knowing your worth will determine the threshold of the love you deserve.

Loving yourself means having a relationship with you and knowing that you are an important part of ALL that is you! When you are self-aware, there is great love, consistency, honesty, dependability and goodness emerging from your person. Loving yourself means you are responsible and in charge of yourself. You own the direction of your happiness. You are only responsible for the love in yourself or loving yourself. When you love yourself, people can’t challenge yourself worth.


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