Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

In life we encounter many people who look ordinary but who have lead interesting lives filled with amazing stories and loads of life experiences.
Seat back, give them a chance, give yourself a chance. Take time to listen and allow yourself to be inspired by everyday life...

~Rose Sanderson

We tend to follow and take advice from those who represent “the” ideal of success not trusting the average folks whom surround us, who are walking similar paths and who have been through trenches familiar to ours.
I am at a stage of my life where I need to assess the true markers of a successful life; the meaning of success in my life. We tend to think success rest on materialistic goods we have accumulated or strive to acquire and achieve but while that may be part of one’s overall success it should only be a small part of what makes you, us successful.
My life’s baggage has thought me that success is a state of mind; it is being aware and present. You become successful when you are able to open up and learn from everyday moments and being able to pass it on to those who walk through your life. Being successful is the ability to go full circle by sharing your experiences with others. Being successful is to have the ability to stop chasing ephemeral goals and give faith to your present.

To being able to appreciate the success you are…everyday!

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