Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Sunday Quote of the Week...


“Happiness is living without expectations. “
~Peter Cajander


I’ll change it to “Peace of mind is living without expectations upon others…” Do you catch the difference?
Expectations we have and develop towards people and situations are created from our past experiences. Past situations allowed us to set standards on how we want to be treated, and what behaviors are acceptable or improper. It is part of human characters to projects onto our surroundings.
However we need to remember, that although natural, having assumptions and (un)realistic expectations is the best way to harm any situation we involve ourselves in. What is normal to me might not be normal for the next person. Speak out your expectations; do not sabotage your own experience by envisioning and not sharing what you expect.
Becoming aggravated and upset at someone who acted differently than what you expected (because you didn’t share what you wanted) could be more justifiable than toward someone you clearly didn’t care to share your anticipations.  We all have a preconceived notion of what we want, don’t ruin your own experience by presuming.
My Life Lesson today was:
 “Avoid unnecessary deception by not imposing your personal standards on others. What you consider to be a common (or given) attitude (or even service rendered) may simply not be within the ability of others. Your ordinary may be someone else’s unimaginable.”
~Rose Sanderson

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  1. I like this Rose. We can't hold someone responsible for not being able to read our minds. But you can only do but so much. Sone people purposely create ambiguity regardless how clear things are made. Conrad


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