Sunday, September 15, 2013

The day I lost my innocence...

"The day I lost my innocence is relived everyday I decide to open the door to what's new. When I decide to face challenges, and let go of what is comfortable and comes naturally, in exchange for experience and maturity..."
 ~Rose Sanderson

I vividly recall the day life robbed me of my innocence. That day often reoccurs; actually, it was everyday before a new day began... Before today

My innocence is taken (not always willingly given over) as life lessons happen everyday, randomly. They don’t have to be terribly profound, they may very well occur next time you’re chatting with a stranger at an airport security line or while just observing life happen around you...
Be open to learning, be open to letting go, be open to growth, and your (seemingly) lost innocence will turn into wisdom gained...

Hoping  everyday is your tomorrow loss…

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