Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

“Just because the past taps you on the shoulder,
it doesn't mean that you have to look back.”

The past ALWAYS follows us; we are part of continuity. A continuity that is the past, the present and the future… However I’m learning that the past shouldn’t be attached to our ankle like a ball and chain. I am not trying to act as if I am a blank canvas while starting the day…to the contrary; all I strive to do is acknowledging the good and bad from my past, turn them into lessons learned and leave it all behind for today’s new opportunities.

The past can be a powerful force, if we allow it to be... It can be positive and life-affirming...While we hold on to the past with a vengeance, replaying it over and over again we need to know and learn to let it go so we can move forward. Living in the past can actually have a crippling effect. I’ve learned to turn the page, learned to appreciate what I’ve build from it, learn from my past so I can be productive in the present or create a future with no regret… but for that I need to give undo power to the past.... So let the past be in the past.... Live in the present and dream of the opportunities that the future holds with new opportunities, friendships and relationships that are still relevant in my present.

I am realizing how hard it is to let go… I had to let go of relationship and situations lately and not necessarily when I was ready to. I feel as though the decision was made for me and while I would love to hang on to what was part of my life for many years, I realize that sometimes (all the times) what is turning out to be a relationship that is no longer cultivate in your day to day (i.e.: thought about with love, with kindness and in a none competitive way…) we need to take the past as a lesson of what NOT to do and go on with life… Can we easily let go? No, but we can use it ... Learn from it, let it shape who we become... Make the decision to use it and NOT let it use you... Say good bye and thanks for the lesson…DON’T BE DISTRACTED FROM THE NOW

So I’m vouching to let the past be in the past.... Live in the present and dream of the opportunities that the future holds.

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