Thursday, October 10, 2013

October 10th!!! Let It Be Known...

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty;
it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”
― Coco Chanel

Well… let me first start out by saying Happy Buuuuurfday to all the October 10th babies!!! Today is your day to celebrate and enjoy!

Now, while we in the general population all know that this day was never officially declared Charles B. Sanderson Jr day, (and by Charles, I mean “Sam”, “San”, ”Snook”, ”Snooky”, ”Snookum”, “Snooky Poo” or ”baby”… I had to add 2 in there to spice it up a little, as if it needed it!!! LOL…), I want to go on record saying that it unofficially is. Depending on where the intimacy your relationship with him lies, these are the names “we” address him as… It’s easy to see the progression and where you stand …oops!
However, in the Sanderson’s household there are nooooo doubts that this day was created for him and is all about him. So for the sake of acknowledging that today, I will humble myself enough to share 2 stories… Boiii…I love this man…hahahahaha….

First, I’m going to admit and clear up for everyone how we truly met… We were in a club in Holland (neither one of us had any business being there, as he at the time lived in Germany and me in Belgium). He was on the dance floor dancing his heart out, when I spotted him and became fixated with him; following him around in hopes that he would notice me. At some point, he walked off the dance floor and was walking towards me and my friend with a smile… My mind started to think really quickly, “What if it’s not me that he wants to talk to but her, what if…. what if…” I couldn’t let any of the “What if” scenarios happen, so as he was walking towards us, I pushed my friend so hard (I absolutely wanted her out of the way), that she fell across the floor, requiring a few people to come and help her up. He asked, “Is she okay?” “Oh yes, she’s fine… she had too much to drink… her boyfriend is helping her out” …and the rest is history… She forgave me for busting her knee that day and I still can’t get over what a quick thinker I am! I also can’t get over how devious that was! Wait… Nope, I’m over it! J

Now I’m going to share with you one of the biggest, the most never ending, and reoccurring vexations of my life… So few days ago, I’m sitting in a restaurant with co-workers and staff members and as the proud mother that I am, the conversation turns towards my kids. I pull out the iPhone and start sharing recent pictures of them, highlighting how tall they are… blah blah blah… then one of the staff members (a young kid, 24 years old) asks me, “Who is that in the picture with your kid?”… There you go… I’m bracing myself for what’s about to come… “That’s my husband, their dad,” I said as matter-of-factly as I could; ready to expeditiously move on… “What? No…OMG! He looks like he is my age!!! I thought it was their uncle or something…Wow Rose… Check you out with your bad self!!!” I’m sitting across the table from him and thinking, “Put down the glass of water Rose… this kid is probably thinking that he is complimenting me right now.”
I put my game face on and “hahahaha, I know right” (smile). “He doesn’t age… well I guess it does show that I am 6 months older than him” (more giggles and fake smiles)!
Can we move on now?!

Now the reason I wanted to share these 2 stories with you guys (while I have to admit one of stories is not true… SorryJ) is to highlight 2 things that I (we) cannot deny.
First, The Hubby loves to remind me at times how much of a “sucker” I am for marrying him but now we ALL know who the “sucker” is, as my agenda was fulfilled… Let the truth be told on this 10th Day of October 2013…
Second, THIS IS HIS DAY (let’s now take this away from me!!!!)…THE MAN AGES LIKE ANY OF US!!!!! Even if he looks like a freaking 20 years old!!!! (Not hating here…not hating…)

Happy happy happy birthday to TheHubby… baby (that’s our level of intimacy…the absolute top level!)

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