Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12/31/2013... Words Left Unsaid...

What if today was your last day will there be Words left unsaid…will there be things left undone?

Traditionally, with the New Year we make new resolutions, commitments to change something, to start something or to improve something in our lives as we feel we missed on or should have done better.
The New Year is synonymous with fresh starts and beginnings for the year ahead. It is turning the page and seeking new adventures, new goals. But what if proper closure wasn’t achieve to all you wished for, tackled and taken upon during the year ending, do you just turn the page and chug it as a lost? Does the New Year serve as a free pass, a start over without accountability?

Let’s dig deeper on the brink of this New Year…

I have realized that I have so many things left “un-tackled”, “unresolved” that coming up with new resolutions felt so hypocritical to myself. I tend to move forward even if I have half achieved goals because I figure there always is time to get back, look back and finish what I couldn’t at the time. But…what if...
What if you knew today was your last day and not just the beginning of a new year?  What would you do differently? Are there things you’ve left unsaid?  Is there someone in your life you’ve been meaning to say “I’m sorry” to or “I love you”? Maybe there’s nothing left unsaid—but do your friends and family know you care? Have you started to pave your legacy the way you’ll be proud of? What if today was your last day will you leave this life content or wishful of having finished what you once started but didn’t care to finish?

“Positive words left unsaid are like sachets of currency notes burnt in vain. Positive deeds left undone are like deep wells filled with soil to the brim. Do the undone, say the unsaid and turn the unturned.”
~ Israelmore Ayivor

So I end this post by asking you “If today was your last day, what would you wish you had done differently?” but if there is an answer to give, please don’t answer… Your life is the platform to mould your wishes, start today…make the different happen!

Happy New Year my Friends…

To the continuation of yesterday towards a rewarding tomorrow…

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