Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

“To live abundantly, you have to race toward the future
with arms and heart wide open.
You have to risk everything
and let the universe take care of the details”
~Elaine Hussey

So many times I say to myself, my life is exactly what and how it is meant to be, and I'm okay. I AM OKAY… I'm not perfect, I'm not complete, but I'm okay. But am I really?
I’m realizing so clearly the reason why I question myself is because I haven’t mastered enjoying my moment…this moment I am in now. I have not mastered how to not let the worry of the future, of the incomplete take a bite of my now…

I can’t keep on waiting for the day where I can’t wake up, turn my head and enjoy my blessings because I’m worried about the ones I deem late… I need to focus on where my feet are at this moment, look around and listen to the inner power of my soul, feel the joy within, welcome the love that surround me, feel the breeze and hear life Happening, Right Now, Right Here!
I need to stop allowing life’s ups and downs dictate how I feel and look to maintain a more positive tone. I need to hear the message my life gives me every day I open my eyes. Hear the message of thankfulness, appreciation. I have to be willing to dig deep when I’m in doubt, lighten up when I feel down, and be painstakingly honest with myself when I want to hide then…maybe then I will indeed truly live and appreciate “my moment”.

Your moment is always with you (but sometimes we just don't see it) so instead of having lonely thoughts of what should have been or what could be, deal with what "is" regardless of what it is.
I need to not only know but truly accept that all things that have happened in the past, good or bad, have happened for a reason, and have all conspired to lead me to the moment I am in now

So if you are like me struggling at time to appreciate your blessings, your moment; embrace your life, and remember that everything you do is a moment, even the little things…

“Imagine what your life would be like if you were completely uninhibited by fear, pride, or procrastination. What would you be capable of? Anything.”
~ Richie Norton


Friday, January 3, 2014

Deep Thought Friday...

Deep Thought Friday

My posts are usually about My Life Lessons. These are the things I’ve lived through, witnessed and now talk about how they’ve affected me. In some instances, these things still affect me. While some of those things are actual facts/events, some are readings and information that is passed on to me.
I want to change things a little. I want this new “Deep Thought Friday” series to be more than a casual stop on my blog for the latest read.
I want to allow you to come up with your own conclusion to a situation… with your own moral of the story. I want to see if you can connect with a particular story in such a way that it will give you a sense of purpose, a new direction or perspective, and maybe just maybe - think deeper and further than usual.

As you read, discuss the moral in each story with your spouse or partner, or with a close friend. Connect every story with yourself. Challenge yourself. Think about what you’ve learned from the story and what change you can bring to your life.

This week “Deep Thought Friday” is about how we CONDITION ourselves…how we LIMIT ourselves…

Conditioned to lose...
An eagle's egg was placed in the nest of a prairie chicken. The egg hatched and the little eagle grew up thinking it was a prairie chicken. The eagle did what the prairie chickens did. It scratched in the dirt for seeds. It clucked and cackled. It never flew more than a few feet because that is what the prairie chickens did. One day he saw an eagle flying gracefully and majestically in the open sky. He asked the prairie chickens: "What is that beautiful bird?" The chickens replied, "That is an eagle. He is an outstanding bird, but you cannot fly like him because you are just a prairie chicken." So the eagle never gave it a second thought, believing that to be the truth. He lived the life of and died a prairie chicken, depriving himself of his heritage because of his lack of vision.
What a waste! He was born to win, but was conditioned to lose

“All the power of the universe is within us, it is we who are putting hands on our eyes and saying that it is dark.”

~Swami Vivekananda
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