Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

My Sunday Quote of The Week…

“Whatever opens us is never
as important as what it opens…” 
~Mark Nepo 

My journey continues thru understanding the lessons God, life tries to teach us…
My Life Lessons is the journey into looking beyond the obvious, the expedition in understanding the why(s) of events in my day to day, the realization that the answer(s) of what we pursue isn’t all or nothing but it is all AND nothing…
We need to see beyond the obvious answers as there is always a depth waiting to be uncovered and understood.
Trust onward… Be authentic and truthful…listen to the voice inside you; listen to wisdom whispering all that is meaningful and purposeful to your growth, learn to see pass what opens you and see the possibilities that it may open…

Cheers to a new year full of Life Lessons

Love Always

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