Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Sunday Quote of The Week...

Who You Are Speaks Louder To Me
Than Anything You Can Say
                                                                           Lee Ryan Miller

Many of us speak about ourselves in the way we would like to be seen and known for. Our lips tell a tale that is not necessarily our exact truth while our actions depict us to the T…
We have to remember to be true to ourselves and represent with no false pretense… 
One of the hardest withstanding life lessons is that living our beliefs takes more than speaking about them and acting upon our beliefs will speak louder about the person we are than who we say we are…
Life is no competition. It is a page in a book where we have the opportunity of leaving our mark. 
Your truth is the only think you can live…make sure whatever that truth is, it is not a misrepresentation of who you said you were.

How you live your life speaks more eloquently about who you really are than who you say you are…

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