Thursday, January 1, 2015

Trusting The Timing of Life, in Our Lives...

 “Happy New Year my Friends…
To the continuation of yesterday, towards a rewarding tomorrow…”

This was my "send off" into 2014 for myself and to you all. 
How rewarding were our tomorrows?
Did we accomplish what we wanted to?
To assess or not to assess?
Why do this to myself, why do we do this to ourselves?

The lesson learned was that no one's life worth was to be measured in 365 days. Every day we plant the seed of new beginnings and every new day we nurture and cultivate what was started yesterday… I realized that no goal or achievement could ever give me an everlasting happiness, because at any given moment, it can surely fade away…

The lesson learned was in realizing that time is not the beginning of the end but on the contrary, it should be our most cherished asset. Instead of setting goals or expectations with limitations, realize that time is limitless and our time is out of our hands…
Time is that minute within the hour…that second within the minute… that millisecond within a concept, a thought. Time is not made to track progress or to calculate pressure. Knowing time is not as important as knowing what you do with your time; what can be accomplished with your time.

Part of being human is mastering the actions that stem from the word "want" in all of its tenses (what we want, what we wanted, what we are wanting, etc.)… and this is really not a bad thing. Where we unknowingly sell ourselves short is when we set limitations. It's when we let time define our actions as success or failures, instead of realizing that we learn from life experiences and intentionally continue to grow and evolve in the directions we choose.
I’ve learned to live through obstacles and interferences, and at times I feel very disconnected because of the changes around me. But I’ve also learned to circle back to the core of who I am and reconnect with who I believe I am meant to be.

This past year, work took over…
Priorities shifted, the focus became conical, and so many times I felt as though life, as I knew it, love and living had been interrupted.
BUT was I wrong…
So yes, I do have to assess. I do have to take account of what yesterday was. And this is not to determine what was wasted in the past year of my life (failure), or if I made something good (success) out of it. It's because I have realized that the story of me, the life I live today doesn’t end and restarts at the end of the countdown, or the drop of the ball. I know that my life is a thread of moments… it is continuity.

I believe success is a journey of multiple peaks and valleys. Trust the timing of life in your life. Trust that if it was meant to be, it will be but only when you are ready for it… Life will get in the way of your goals and resolutions have them if you need them to guide but don’t confine them or be define by them…give it time, give yourself time. This way you can do what you wish but also let life be and not demand anything out of it; because happiness can turn into unhappiness in a blink of an eye, if you were to not get what you expected or demanded when you expected or demanded it!

“It has never been matter of wonder to me that human resolutions are liable to change; one passion gives them birth, another may destroy them.”
― Antoine François Prévost

Cheers to 2015 and the gift of continuity!

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