Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Dad… The one who looks over me…

My father…my dad…my daddy…
While I spoke fondly of him and our relation, there’s truly no amount of posts that would be enough to describe who/what kind of man he was but mostly how much I miss him…how much we miss him… 
So if you haven’t heard my story about him, if you haven’t seen the smile in my eyes when I think about him, if you never crossed his path then you are missing out on knowing one of THE best human being there was and today there is less in this world without him. 
16 years today that he left us to his forever. 
Today I looked at myself in the mirror and I smile because I saw the reflection of what he taught me, what he instilled in me. 
He told me and showed me my value. 
He boosted my self-esteem because I was one of his princesses.
He told me to not be anything less than independent and strong because he knew I was capable.
He showed me love because I was one of his invaluable prizes, I was his wealth…    
The confident person that I am and who you all look at every day is really made from the mold he created of me for me. HE was truly THE AMAZING guy and no matter what happened, happens or will happen in my life, HE will forever be the man I love the most in this world...

I love you dad❤️                                   

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