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Sunday, November 8, 2015

I Love Being In Love...

Has anyone ever asked you, or have you ever asked the question, "Do you love me, or are you IN love with me?" Wherever you stood (being either the asker or the receiver of the question, and not really sure of what the nuance(s) between the two options is/are), I'm sure you knew you had to come up with (or hear), one heck of a great answer...

I think I can finally put my answer in writing...

It's two totally different things; to love and to be in love but both are very necessary in a relationship. The latter, in sustaining the relationship, and the first in establishing that there is (in fact) a meaningful relationship.
To Love and To Be In Love are for me an oxymoron... Maybe one of the biggest oxymorons ever...

To LOVE is that security you feel, that sense of peace THE one brings to your life.
To LOVE is regardless (or in spite) of the test of time, you deeply care, you genuinely appreciate, feel an indescribable connection set by the familiarity your relationship has brought to your day to day.
To LOVE is even through the "downs" your nights are only comfortable when laying beside him/her and seeking for their arms to protect you, to house your dreams, and feeling happy waking up beside them.
To LOVE is to look into their eyes and still have the passion you had, even if in a quieter way...
To LOVE is the constant; the familiarity.
It is the understanding that with them, all will be okay, even in disarray.

To Be In LOVE is what keep my Love alive.
To Be In LOVE, is the total opposite of To Love...
It's walking on uncertain ground, still wanting to seduce, still seeing a challenge in what's "yours"...
Granted? What is granted?
To Be In Love is keeping the familiarity of love from being your everyday morning.
To Be In Love you feel at time like the relation is bigger than you...
- that burning desire
- that yearning you feel inside even miles away...
- that need of the touch, the sound, the feel, the sight of him/her
Being in love keeps you together through the thick and thin, it keeps you on your toes ready to fight.

My hubby, The Hubby; I love him... I respect the man that he is. I love the peace and sense of security he brings to my life, along with the soothing aptitude he has over my -at times- temperamental personality.

Next week will mark our 24th year together... We were 20 years old when I fell in love.
Today, his voice turns something on in me, his kisses...excite me, the way he looks at me... really something I can't explain.
After all these years, I have no shame admitting the jealousy he brings out of me because I not only LOVE him but I'm also deeply IN LOVE with him.

YES... I Love Being In Love...


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