Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Never Ending Goals...

2016…365 days…
How do you start when you haven’t planned? How do you start the first page of the new volume, the new segment of your life’s journey without a detailed blueprint?
Volume 44 (if you could see me, you would see a big smile on my face as I wrote 44)

This year is starting so differently.

Typically, the weeks and days preceding the New Year, I have self reflected while taking into account all of my successes, shortcomings, failures, and significant milestones. I look at how far I’ve come and decide if I moved the needle, which is my life, toward “THE RIGHT “direction, or if I am at a standstill. Considering where I am, mentally I take note of what in the following year has to be accomplished and how will it manifest throughout that year. It’s very simple, as soon as the ball drops at midnight on 12/31, I would already have a detailed calendar and outlined plan of how the upcoming year will be a success in all front.

But as I was saying, 2016 is going to be unique as I came to the realization of 2 things while reflecting… So many things in my life that have seemed of little significance when they happened, appeared to be of greater importance as I walked in the growth of my journey. I took notice to them, and when entering adulthood/womanhood/motherhood those insignificant “things” turned into the goals that I needed to reach toward a better me. In the past 15 years these big goals/resolutions haven’t changed. Granted I had to adjust them, but they remained the same. Throughout all the setbacks and the accomplishments, I had to readjust them and this is when my first realization came to light… the aha-moment…
Until the day I am no longer, these goals are not just meant to be achieved, they are meant to guide me through my life journey… they are the foundation, the basis of the person I want to be and the  life I aspire to live.
My second realization came when I was reading this lovely woman obituary (which she wrote and requested to be read upon her passing). She was over 100 years old. She wrote: “So, I was born; I blinked; and it was over. No buildings named after me; no monuments erected in my honor. But, I DID have the chance to know and love each and every friend as well as all my family members. How much more blessed can a person be?
So in the end, remember, do your best, follow your arrow and make something amazing out of your life. Oh, and never stop smiling”
I translate: Live your life the best way you know how. Time is not on your side so maximize in your enjoyment of life. Know the person you want to be, the life you want to live and above all be responsible of your happiness…

I woke up on the first day of 2016 happy with how I now view things…

So have I made some headway toward the person I’m ultimately meant to be?
Well I hope so…I think so…No Actually I know so!
Here is what I’m taking with me as my most #2015LESSONLEARNEDDEARLY

In Love
4 years ago I wrote in one of my post “This journey has been a work in progress and in the scale of where I want it to go and end, we are still at the early stage of our relation. Every day God will allow me in this world I will pray that I enjoy “working” in making it through the promise I made… Till Death Do Us Part…”
I've come to a place in my life where, I’m learning that whatever my body, mind and heart desires, whatever makes my heart skip a beat and smile, when given into, will only bring me true happiness.
Whether your "Ever After" is happy is pretty much up to you. I have found that most of mine is happy. Is my life a fairy tale? No, but it is a tale, my tale!
Today I’m here, working towards my ever after, feeling blessed and appreciating all my happy moments, while working through the challenging ones.

In Parenting
I’m ending 2015 with 2 teenagers, a boy and a girl. Both with their own personalities and their interests which somehow manage to constantly keep me on the edge. Not too long ago after hearing one of my kid crazy story, a friend told me (while laughing hysterically), “Rose, you are not raising angels, please remember that”.
I have realized that parenting is single-handedly the hardest and longest job that I will ever hold as it has no end. I can’t speak on how I/we are doing when it comes to raising our kids nor the definite essence of who our kids are or will turn out to be. This probably until it's too late to change anything. So I enjoy every moments of their lives. I love every moment with them. I love them in every moment. And in every moment I make sure to remember that my best is all I have to give to them. There will be plenty of guilt to go around but I will continue to wake up every day with one of my lifetime goal of raising wonderful children.

In Friendships/Relationships
“Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.”
With growth, experience or simply because of this thing call life and its unpredictable pathway, friends will start having different needs, different habits, and different paths. And one day you look back and realize how distant you’ve grown, how different your values are.
It is at time difficult to accept that someone you had for a big part of your life might not be there tomorrow, so you start thinking this might be a good time to mend fences
But don’t… Let it be… Let this be…
I have realized there are “battles” that are not meant to be. It is okay to let go. Not because the relation is unimportant or minor, but in the idea it is important to hold on and keep the memories of love, joy and comfort you’ve shared as the lasting image. The memories I'm taking with me now are so precious and have more value than all the gold and silver in my jewelry box.
With age and experience it’s okay to tighten up your circle and surround yourself with the people you love and inspire you the most, the people who understand, encourage and accept the person you’ve become with no judgment.

Overall, I have stepped into 2016 feeling lighter than before. Not feeling that I was starting over but instead moving onward through my path. I have taken the good and bad experiences of the prior year as dearly learned life lessons and as shaping tools for the best me. There is no status of limitations in achieving any goals or in becoming the best you, remember time is only up when you are seven feet under!

Cheers to a Happy New Year!

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