Saturday, April 30, 2016

My 45th Moment in Life...

45 is a solid number; a number that demanded to be celebrated. Or so I thought…

I planned in my head how grandiose I wanted it to be (after all, it needed to at least exceed my 40th celebration). 
April 30th, 2016 in my world, needed to be all about me. It needed to be about what I thought was a milestone in my life. 
And then things changed. Life happened...

The Hubby’s work obligations were going to take him away during my weekend. Upset, was putting mildly how I felt. So when work obligations started to modify my schedule to accommodate projects we've been working on, I let my availability remain open. After all, things were no longer unfolding the way I imagined. 

I don't know about you but I tend to assume milestones are universal... That for each and one of us, they are the same… But are they really? 

Births, certain (or all) birthdays, engagements, marriages, graduations, job achievements, job successes... These are most of the times labelled milestones or “rites of passage,” but are they really? 
Shouldn't they be referenced as expected moments in life, rather than milestones?

I've come to realize that WE, not society, determine what our milestones (our check points thru life) are, and their timing...
We forget that they are personal (to who we are and who we are meant to be). 
Milestones, when reached or achieved, will redirect slightly (or juristically) our life's course, unlike given "moments in life" throughout our journey. 

So I now understand…
With years, life becomes exponentially more complex and harder to decipher. Our expectation level of what's important and meaningful also heightens with each year; hence milestones become far, few and in-between as we grow older. Those will most likely be celebrated in private, unless you chose to share their occurrences as they unfold.

April 30th 2016, marks my birthday, and that of many others. And while it is certainly not a milestone in my life (the course of my life has not changed to the slightestJ), I love how the people in my world/life are making me feel specially loved through it. 
Thank you for having taken the time to think about me, bless me with so many well wishes and to have simply reminded me that no matter where, no matter with who and no matter how… life moments happen y’all there to cheer me on!

Thank you!

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