Saturday, April 23, 2016

These shoulders were never made to carry the world…

“Sometimes not sharing your worries, the load everyday life occurrences leave on your path, is a gift to others but a disservice to yourself.
Remember even if sharing your burden won’t change a thing, your shoulders were never made to carry the world”

When your whole being, (your appearance, personality, etc.) makes people see you as this "strong person" that can withstand anything life throws at you…

“Maybe they get shaken, get offbeat but in a split second I know they will be back on target, they have all the solutions… They are it and that is what they do… they carry the world!”

The personality or the appearance of someone never makes them who they are. It definitely doesn’t make them stronger; even if they seem to always stand strong against life's many trials. 
We all have a weakness. 
We all have a soft spot that can be greatly affected, especially when we least expect it. 
There's always that helpless (blind) side to us that needs support… It may be something that might not challenge us now, today, tomorrow or for a long period of time but it will affect us some day.

Maybe taking a step back will help people see the shoes that they wear, are very similar to the ones they are wearing.
Maybe… Yes maybe, the one you consider to be the strongest link in the equation is actually only as strong as the team that surrounds them. A link is something that holds a collection of things together, like in a chain and a chain is made with several links...

We all need to remember that our castle is only as strong as the quality of bricks we use…

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