Friday, June 17, 2016

Thursday June 16th 9:23am... Not Your Typical Thursday...

 FEAR… God in heaven… No one (and I mean no one) ever told me about that feeling that grows simultaneously in you, with the conception of your child. It develops in your womb with your child, grows alongside your child and, as I understand, leavethe pit of your stomach only when the time comes for the eternal goodbyes. 

Rational, normal… I promise I was both of these before I had my babies

Yesterday I woke up early, got myself ready, as I was to spend the day working in our Natick store. I was looking forward to this day. We were finally going to launch the first pilot store with our new POS system which I’ve been working on for the past 2.5 years.
Left my house at 8:30am and made my way through the morning traffic on the Massachusetts PikeAt around 9:18am I received a call from the London team. I told them I was on my way and should reach the store in less than 15 minutes. We chatted a bit and then agreed on me calling them as soon as I arrived.

A few minutes later, my work mobile rang again. I was driving a little faster than I should, so while keeping one hand on the steering wheel, I held the phone high enough to gaze at the screen. The number didn’t jog my memory; it was an international number. I decided to pick up the call… 
“Hello,” I said in my most professional voice.
“Rose, listen to me and listen to me well, we have your son and if you don’t follow what I say, you will never see him again! Do you hear me? You will never see him again, we will kill him!” 
quickly moved the phone away from my ears and remember looking at it as if it was going to give me an answer to the question I couldn’t ask. There’s no way could not have just heard what my brain was trying to comprehend. I heard the voice shout my name, so I got back on the phone and screamed back
“What are you talking about? What do you mean you have my son? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”
“Shut the F… up and Listen to this,” he said
“Mommy, mommy they are taking me mommy. Tell them not to hurt me. I don’t know where they are taking me mommy. I’m scared mommy, help me” As I am writing this, I can’t stop the tears from pouring down my face. It was my baby’s voice, I recognized his voice, that particular intonation when he says the word “Mommy”. I had just left home, leaving him instructionon what he needed to do today as he was going to be home all day. I had just said goodbye to him, telling him that I had cooked dinner early this morning as I wouldn’t be back until the evening, and to make sure he didn’t eat everything during the day, to save some for his dad. Why my son was asking me to help him… he was supposed to be asleep…
I started screaming, crying his name, “Jayson, Jayson! Where are they taking you? Who is it?” Jayson please…
“I said shut the F… up, you stupid bitch. Listen to me, you are going to stay on the phone with me and you better not hang up, try to call the police or anyone else. If you hang up we are going to kill JAYSON. Do you hear me? As I was still screaming, he then proceed to say, If you don’t shut up and calm down you will regret it. I am going to countdown and if in 10 seconds you don’t calm yourself down I am going to hang up and he is done!” He started to countdown 10, 9, 8, 7 …
“Please, I just want to talk to Jayson” I said…
Bitch I know you don’t have a lot of money, so you think I am going to let you tell me what you want? You are going to listen to me and do what I say. You are going to stay on the phone with me and go straight to your bank. You are going to pull all the money that you have if you want to see your son again. Where are you?”
All my mind was thinking was that I needed to talk to Jayson.
In between my sobbing, I told him I was on the highway and he needed to give me time and to not hurt him. He continued to yell at me, calling me derogatory names and while he was going on about how he was aware of all my finances, I grabbed my personal phone and dialed Jayson…
He answered “Hello? Hello?” I couldn’t talk, I didn’t understand. I didn’t know if they had allowed him to answer is phone. I didn’t want them to hear me talking to him or anyone. Jayson hung up.
I remember feeling like being in an out of body experience…
I was on I90, driving way beyond the speed limit, managing two phones and clueless of everything that surrounded me. He was still yelling… I needed to talk to Jayson, I decided to hang up.
I knew I only had a few seconds. I dialed Jason back, he answered right away
“JAYSON! Where are you??? Are you okay? Are you home?” I was screaming. He confirmed that he was home and okay then asked me what was wrong. My work phone was again ringing… the same number “Jay, I need you to make sure all the doors are locked, all the windows are closed. Don’t answer the door for anyone! I will call you right back”
I picked up the call on speaker. And while I was pleading, he went on about having warned me not to hang up, that now I needed to give him street by street location of where I was and make sure I was going to the bank. I dialed The Hubby’s number with my other phone. He didn’t pick up. I redialed. He picked up. I put the phone next to the receiver so he could hear clearly this man, yelling, cursing me out. I was pleading still. All I could think about was if he didn’t have Jayson, I didn’t want him to go and get him… I was so confused… The hubby started yelling, “What is going on? What is this?” I finally got off the highway and hung up on that evil voice.

The Hubby wanted an explanation. The more I was trying to explain what I had just went through, I became more and more hysterical and irrational. I just needed him to hang up get to our son and make sure he was safe and okay… “Just save Jayson!

I made it to the Natick Mall parking lot; it was empty. I called the store and told the assistant whom answered to ask the manager to come and meet me outside in the lot. I was crying… I just needed someone, a familiar face next to me… I just needed someone. I started to hyperventilate. I couldn’t breathe, I was feeling like the car was closing up on me

It took me hours to let sync in, all that had transpired was a scam. I had been victim of the worst scam that could’ve happened to me…
In retrospect, I realized that while they did know my name and phone number, my brain must have shut down or was in auto-pilot mode focusing solely on my son... That kid voice I heard asking me for help... I guess it wasn't his voice but... And maybe, I might have been the one tipping them off with Jayson’s name as I was screaming it…
I called State Police and they said “Call Boston Police!
I called Boston Police, they said (while cutting me off as I’m trying to sharing the story) “Your son is okay right? You haven’t paid anything right? There isn’t a thing we can do with those phone numbers, they are paid numbers. We don’t take reports unless you paid them some money… Go to your local Police station and see IF they will take a report. OK? Bye”
I didn’t bother to go to the local police station…

I Heard Evil, Experienced Evil and Left Scarred By Evil…
This had been the longest 8 minutes of my life..Yes 8 minutes that felt like a lifetime…
How had I left myself so vulnerable? What did I do to allow this to happen to me? My paranoia had taken the face of reality, and for that moment in time the “what if” had become reality
Have you ever found yourself wide awake (at any given moment or in an environment), having scary thoughts or "worst case scenario" endings? Do you have nightmares during the day? I do..... Most of the time it has to do with my children, their where-about and their well-being. I like to take the philosophical approach to understanding why my mind dwells on certain questions; questions like, "What if my kids get kidnapped?", or "What if my kids get abused?" Then there are the worries that include my hubby, like; "What if they get into a bad accident?", "What if I don't show them enough love?", or "What if they're not happy?" However, no matter how rational I try to be, I can't seem to understand the random dark thoughts. Neither do I understand why they seem to surface at the oddest times…”

Reading this give me the chills… Those were what I called (in a blog post I wrote back in 2012) my ‘elusive’ fears. Fears which at times, were overwhelming in their randomness but remained manageable because while I’m unable to conquer my fears, I have learned to control them… I knew they were just that…elusive. So I thought!

I found my story in so many testimonies online that I am still in shock of how clueless I was about this scam.
I sit here wondering why this world is the way it is, why people are so mean. Mean to the point of not caring that somewhere out there, they are ripping out the soul, the life, the innocence of human being… Mean enough that for the small, temporary gain they are getting out of their actions, they are leaving a lasting scar on a stranger…
Last night I shut down all my windows. Tripled checked that each door was locked. I went to my son’s room 3 times before I finally laid down around 4:30am this morning. 

As I thank God that my daughter is away on an end of year school trip, I ask him to also give me the strength to forget the potential that situation could have been and to take it for what it was… A virtual kidnapping scam.


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