Sunday, December 31, 2017

We Don’t Remember Days… We Remember Moments…

“I realized that the power of the moment is not in the moment itself. The power, actually, is in us. Every single one of us has the power to make and shape our own moments. It is us who by feeling joyful, celebrate for a moment of success; and it is also us who by feeling saddened, cry and mourn over our losses. I, with all my heart and mind, now embrace this power which lies within us. I wish life offers you more time to make use of this power. Remember, we are our own grieves, my dear, we are our own happiness and we are our own remedies."
― Huseyn Raza 

Every day in our lives is irreplaceable. They are important because of the opportunities they give us
to open our eyes to a new day
to make mistakes that will shape, or make decisions that will change us
to love, be loved or sentinel our hearts and emotions
to give and receive or selfishly be content with self
to be thankful and grateful or to be entitled…

Every day in our lives is irreplaceable. They are inimitable because you can’t ever hit the rewind button.
You learn to live with the unfolding of your days without really thinking of the steps, and the decisions you make. We create automated habits based on what usually works and feels good, and that, until the effect responding to the cause does generate a result, a feeling that differs from the expected…

Even though our days are irreplaceable, important and inimitable, we don’t remember them. Can you imagine remembering each day of your years on this earth??? My head is spinning at just the thought of having to remember the 365 days of 2017, let alone 365x46!

But what we remember are moments…

You don’t remember every day that built the 21, 30 or 40 years old you are today but you remember that moment, that feeling of turning and realizing you were 21, 30 or 40 years old..
You don’t remember every day you dated but you remember that moment, that feeling when you realized he/she was the one.
You don’t remember every day of your relationship but you remember the moment when you all of a sudden couldn’t deal and hit rock bottom.
You don’t remember what you did on 11/4/2008 but you remember the moment you heard that Barack Obama was now POTUS.

What you remember are the strings of moments that brought you joy, tears. Moments that made weak and strong. Moments that made YOU.

As I turn the last page of my 2017 book, I reflect on all of the moments that this year has brought, the good, the bad, and the heartfelt ones. And while a few are still challenging to accept, I am positioning myself taller, wiser and receptive to 2018's moments of growth (along with its shenanigans) to come.

Cheers to All –

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