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I’m not here to debate and offer set theories. The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and point of views on everyday life occurrences or my personal experiences. Thus far my life journey has been full of wonderful moments, challenging ones and gut wrenching ones but all those moments have been classroom lessons that I've learned from. I will try to refrain from making judgmental statement or connotation but let’s keep in mind this is a window into my beliefs, values I stand for and the person that I am.
My mind always looks further, analyzes, and keeps me wondering. For me nothing is ever truly Black and White; there is always a nuance, a slight shading of Grey that needs to be looked into, explored. There is always that "little more" to reach out for, that question with 1000’s of different answers; so why not share and express my thoughts, why not throw a curve ball and dig deeper?
Everything in life has a beginning, a reason, a purpose, an objective and an end. I believe to have a meaningful life is to appreciate “you” or at least try understanding what makes you “you”, why you are “you” so you can learn how to be the best “you”.

There are different levels to a dream coming to fruition and this blog is my stepping stool to tapping into my soul, understanding my life, finding my niche and reaching for my star.

  With much love and respect


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