My name is Rose Sanderson and I am the Founder of ‘Food For Thoughts: My life Lessons’.
I’ve always been passionate about the ‘writing’ world as far as I can remember, from holding journals through my younger years to loving to read… it has always been a fascinating world to me. Less than a year ago, I finally decided to venture out and give in to my passion and was the result…

My blog is an insight into my thinking, my own interpretation of things, feelings, and opinions, as well as insights that I gathered and concluded from personal experiences. While I want you to take it for what it is - a bunch of personal affirmations - I would love for you to join me in exploring the interpretation of my journey. I will share with you some of my own personal stories; challenges, understandings, life's lessons and my favorite things. You’ll also be able to enjoy inspirational quotes that I believe fit into our lives when reading beyond the words. I also encourage you all to leave comments, and share your experience on any particular subject. I love hearing and learning from others, in particular my readers...

I’m an African woman who grew up in Belgium and for the past 20 years calls the United States ‘home’. I'm a wife to ‘the’ loving hubby as well as a mother to my 2 beautiful angels. Retail Area Manager by day and aspiring writer in my heart which lead me to where I am today, sharing through this platform I created and as a guest writer in the online magazine
I am committed to personal growth and inspire to always seek, find the lesson in the moment and the positive in all situations.

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